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Purple Lavender Deluxe Luxury Design Premium Vertical Garden Green Wall (90cm x 90cm)
Purple Lavender Deluxe Luxury Design Premium Vertical Garden Green Wall (90cm x 90cm)
Purple Lavender Deluxe Luxury Design Premium Vertical Garden Green Wall (90cm x 90cm)
Purple Lavender Deluxe Luxury Design Premium Vertical Garden Green Wall (90cm x 90cm)

Luxury Purple Lavender Artificial Vertical Garden 90cm x 90cm UV Resistant (Indoor or Outdoor)

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Our signature artificial vertical garden wall makes the ultimate design statement. The only limit is your imagination |  No watering or maintenance required

  • The elegant and eye catching Purple Lavender vertical fake garden wall panels instantly inject style, life and glamour to dull spaces. The ultimate design statement that provides the perfect finishing touch for homes, events and commercial projects including showrooms, reception areas and foyers.
  • Everything has been designed to last longer and perform better with our signature vertical garden design panel - from the luxurious and dense botanically accurate foliage that’s UV and fire certified to the architecturally engineered metal backing that’s easy to install and designed to last.
  • Using fake vertical wall garden panels instead of live plants means you’ll never have to concern yourself with upkeep. No watering, green thumbs or maintenance required.


Living green walls are a great way of making a breathtaking visual statement that impresses friends, family, clients and colleagues. The perfect design solution, except for several major flaws. To look even halfway decent, vertical gardens require a vast amount of water, energy, fertiliser and constant pruning. Live plants are fussy things, and too much (or too little) light and air causes them to wither and wilt. Then there’s damp proofing and structural work. The list goes on and on.


Swapping live plants for an artificial garden wall plant design, means the only limit lies with your imagination.


Our premium Purple Lavender panel is populated with a spectacular array of life-like grasses, stems, ferns and plants in a luxurious and dense combination. Each panel is custom designed and handmade using only the most superior products, and comes with an additional 7 individual lavender stems for customisation.


Everything has been well thought out so you have no headaches. The architectural engineered metal mesh backing makes installation a breeze. And once it’s up you’ll never have to concern yourself with its maintenance again. For true peace of mind, the panel has also been fire tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 and given a superior fire performance (0 flame spread rating). 


All of the benefits of nature without the downsides!  


Plants help us feel wonderfully fresh and alive, and provide a sense of calm in times of stress. However to look after them properly you need time and skills for maintenance - especially when it comes to vertical gardens. Australia’s low rainfall means that the constant watering they require is simply unsustainable long-term.


The evergreen beauty of our  artificial vertical garden wall panels require no water making them a well thought out and perfect design solution to our climate. They’ll give you an instant and constant green garden without any maintenance.