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Large Tropical Palm Tree (Amazingly Real) 300cm - Artificial green walls and fake plants

Large Tropical Palm Tree (Amazingly Real) 300cm

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Big Topical Palm 300cm

Available as a custom order only - 8 week approximate delivery time.

Please note upon ordering we will start building this tree - no cancellations permitted due to change of mind, as the items are sent for building immediately upon ordering. 

We do not stock this item, so you will need to paid 8 weeks (approx), often less to receive the item.


Feel the warm tropical breeze blow through your hair as you sit and gaze at this vibrant  palm tree. Standing 300cm high, this lovely tree is tall enough to make a bold statement. A dozen sprawling fronds extend outward in every direction, each covered with a mix of lush feathery pinnate styled leaves.
This faux palm is by far our favourite artificial tree not just because it looks so real, but as a result of the way in can fit into any area and bring the outdoors in - if you're looking for a tropical look that this palm is for you.
Colour: Varied Green.
Pot: basic plastic pot included.
Size: 300cm.
Use: Indoors.