What are Designer Vertical Gardens?

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Designer Vertical Gardens are Australia's premier provider of Artificial Vertical Gardens and Faux Greenery. Whether you require a simple do it yourself (DIY) solution or a custom creation for your special event.

What are Vertical Gardens and why are they so good? 

Artificial Designer Vertical Gardens have a whole heap of benefits; other than just making your vertical spaces look fantastic! Whether it be the side of the house where plants will not grow, as a plant splashback for your kitchen or something different on your bathroom walls - our Plant screens and artificial Vertical Gardens will be sure to impress. 

Check out the benefits of Designer Vertical Gardens for yourself below:

1m x 1m Panel 1. Our Designer Vertical Gardens come in a 1m x 1m modular panel - making it easier for you to connect, meaning you can enjoy your green oasis sooner!
DIY Installation 2. Our Artificial Vertical Garden Panels are so easy to install, you can even Do It Yourself (DIY). However, if you're not so handy with the tools - our team will be on hand to assist you with any tricky questions. 
Weatherproof vertical gardens 3. Our Vertical Garden screens are completely weather-proof. Rain-proof and UV treated so there's no nasty cracking, fading or colour changes to surprise you. Meaning you can enjoy your artificial garden for longer!
Easy to look after Vertical Garden 4. Artificial Vertical gardens and wall panels mean No Maintenance. Say goodbye to endless hours shaping and cutting your hedges and even if you're not a green thumb, you can have the lush, green garden of your dreams - without the price tag. 
Life-Like Vertical Gardens 5. With a life-like appearance, you'll have your friends, neighbours or customers wondering how you grew your vertical garden so quickly. Our botanically correct vertical gardens mean you're not stuck with fake and tacky looking artificial plants.
No water required 6. Well, you can water your Artificial Vertical Gardens if you like - but they are so fantastic they require no water and no maintenance. Which means they look lush and green all year round. 
No heavy Metals 7. Our company director has worked hard with our manufacturers to ensure that there are No Toxic Chemicals like Lead, Mercury and Boric Acid in our Artificial Wall Gardens. So your kids and pets can play outside and you can be worry free. Our Vertical Garden Screens are RoHS compliant for peace of mind. 
Free Shipping Vertical Gardens 8. Best of all - all of our products come with Free Shipping Australia Wide. So you can get your product sooner - with no nasty surprises when you reach the cart. 


Why choose Designer Vertical Gardens for your Artificial Vertical Garden needs?

Designer Vertical Gardens are Australia's premier provider of Artificial Vertical Gardens and Faux Greenery. Whether you require a simple do it yourself (DIY) solution, or a custom creation for your special event.

We are the leaders in artificial wall gardens, artificial green walls and wall art as well as artificial vertical garden design, custom creation and installation.
We cater for small residential jobs through to large scale commercial projects including

  Artificial Vertical Gardens for: 

        • Shop-fitting
        • Casinos, Shopping Centers and Restaurants. 
        • Cruise Ships, Hotels and Function Centres. 
        • Council and State Government Projects. 
        • Commercial and Residential Developments. 


Servicing Australia Wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart with High-Quality Artificial Plants, Privacy Screens and Designer Vertical Gardens - DVG are the leaders in Artificial Wall Gardens. 

So what are you waiting for?

If you want the best quality, luscious and vibrant vertical garden that's so real it will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Look no further than Designer Artificial Vertical Gardens.