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100cm 'UV Native' Vertical Garden Disc - Artificial green walls and fake plants
100cm UV Resistant Native Vertical Garden Artificial Plants Disc Panel (Indoor or Outdoor) - Designer Vertical Gardens
100cm UV Resistant Native Vertical Garden Artificial Plants Disc Panel (Indoor or Outdoor) - Designer Vertical Gardens

100cm Native Artificial Vertical Garden Disc (Indoor or Outdoor)

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Artificial vertical garden wall disc - a unique, custom designed green work of art for the concrete jungle! 100% maintenance free, fade resistant & easy to install

  • A 100cm disc masterpiece, our ‘Native’ vertical fake garden wall brings some serious green appeal into your life and home. Featuring a custom designed combination of plants, stems, grasses topped off with a sprinkling of romantic white flowers.
  • Each disc is hand-assembled to make the vertical garden design as life-like as possible. They come with the choice of an onyx black or pure white frame to set the design off beautifully, and make it easy to install.
  • These fake vertical wall garden discs showcase the beauty of nature without the need for watering or maintenance. UV treated so you can use them to transform your space both inside and outside.

 Vertical gardens are one of the biggest trends in interior design and urban gardening and it’s easy to see why. Used inside they’ll turn any wall into a stunning feature that will have everyone gasping with wonder. Outside they’re perfect for small yards and patios, and instantly transform a dreary space so it bursts with life and colour.

 However, they take a lot of work, time, skills and energy to create and maintain. They might start dying as there’s not enough light or they’ve got some pesky mites. Perhaps you want to be able to go on holiday when you want, without having to worry about getting someone in to water it.

 Our spectacular ‘Native’ artificial vertical garden disc is the solution to your worries! It features the very best in artificial garden wall plant design to showcase the true beauty of nature. The disc is hand assembled by our design team, the very best in Australia. They’ve selected a natural and native combination of plants, stems and grasses to give true elegance, depth and grace.

If you have an outside area that could do with some love, try grouping several of the discs as a feature outdoor artificial green wall. The discs are UV treated, pet and child friendly and don’t react to pool chemicals - perfect for the great outdoors!


All of the benefits of nature without the downsides!  

 Plants help us feel wonderfully fresh and alive, and provide a sense of calm in times of stress. However to look after them properly you need time and skills for maintenance - especially when it comes to vertical gardens. Australia’s low rainfall also means constant watering of plants is unsustainable long-term.

 Our artificial vertical garden wall panels give you the picture perfect look you’re going for without any of the fuss. Forget about watering them as they’ll just take care of themselves all year round.