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Artificial Vertical Garden with fake grasses
Artificial Vertical Garden with fake grasses and boxwood stems

Tropical Fern Premium Artificial Vertical Garden 45cm x 45cm

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If you’re looking to screen an ugly wall, or simply brighten up an indoor or outdoor space, the Tropical Fern - Custom Design Premium Vertical Garden

will help you do just that.

These bespoke designer panels are handmade, botanically accurate and completely realistic. Chances are, your friends and family won’t believe they’re artificial, and neither will you. Their lusciousness will infuse beauty and colour into even the shabbiest of areas.

Use indoors to bring a little of the outside in, to brighten up an office or create an impressive, natural-looking feature wall. These commercial-grade vertical garden panels are of the highest quality and have been fire tested here in Australia. Reports are available upon requests, with the results showing a 0 flame spread. 

Outdoors they can screen old fencing that’s seen better days or transform a dated balcony into a modern-day masterpiece. You could also use them to add sophistication to an older building façade.

These  Tropical Fern - Custom Design Premium Vertical Garden panels will transform your tired-looking spaces in to a lush, green oasis, in an instant.

The sample panel measures 45cm by 45cm and is easy to install.