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Artificial Garden Catalogue - Top Picks!

Artificial Garden Catalogue - Top Picks! - Designer Vertical Gardens

With an overwhelming variety of artificial plants and flowers to choose from, the idea of setting up your very own artificial garden could be extremely daunting. It becomes too taxing and exhausting; even before you get started. Fortunately for you, We have listed some of my favourite types to narrow down your choices. Well, narrow it, somehow. Read on as I note down my top picks from the products available for purchase from your one-stop shop for artificial gardening, Designer Vertical Gardens. For a full list of available products and services to maximize your artificial gardening potential, kindly click the website

1) Butterfly Orchid White 


Talk about purity. This white orchid emanates just that. The colour white has always been associated with simplicity and elegance. Including this plant as part of your designer artificial garden would be an elegant touch. This colour can be matched with any other colours too so you can never go wrong. Having several of these around a workplace or your own home would amplify the feeling of cleanliness and purity. Definitely a must-have!


2) Resistant Cedar / Cypress Spiral Tree 


Happy Christmas anyone? It may remind you of a Christmas Pine Tree but this sturdy plant is great for events such as weddings and birthdays. Put a colourful garland or fairy lights around it and it won’t fail to make anyone smile and appreciate its beauty. Quite tall so it is perfect for an outside event!

3) Red Rose Bunch 



This red bunch is definitely an eye-catcher. With its full-on red colour and opulent flower petals, it's a sure stand out among other things. Having a strong bright colour can give off a bit of warmth. Red roses can also represent strong emotions such as love and devotion and with these roses in a room, how can you not feel those?


4) Yellow Mixed Hanging Foliage 



Have a limited space? No worries as Designer Vertical Gardens has a series of hanging artificial plants to choose from. These yellow ones signify cheerfulness and are very pleasant to the eyes. The yellow flowers sprouting from the leaves give a different accent and design to beautify a vapid part of your room or office.



5) Boxwood Topiary Ball 


This one is a personal favourite. With its perfectly round shape, it definitely is perfect for any outdoor celebrations. Get several of these and experience jubilations with an awesome setting. Just wrap some lights around it and it will give off class and elegance especially for late night events. Cheers!


6) Sunshine Sensation Artificial Vertical Garden 


Fancy an artificial vertical garden on your wall? We got you! Use this exquisite and aesthetic vertical garden to spice up that dismal wall. No need to worry about any upkeeps as this garden is fully artificial. Zero effort for maximum effect! This will surely give a nature-filled ambience to your work or home space.


7) Hydrangea 74cm - Mixed Purples and Yellows




Two colours on a single plant? Yes, please! This gorgeous combination of yellow and purple would certainly make any room exquisitely beautiful. With its fully bloomed petals, this splendour captures the essence of mother nature in a single pot. It will not let you down!

 Designer Vertical Gardens has an extensive list of gorgeous produce you can choose from but those are tops for me. It will take forever to list them all as everything is awesome so please feel free to browse through the entire catalogue to your heart's desire.

 Some honourable mentions include:

Remember if you feel yourself drowning from perplexity and disorientation, always remember to "KISS". Keep it simple and sophisticated. Go back to basics and never go too much over the top. Starting your own personal artificial garden should be fun and stress-free!

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