Make sure you order the CORRECT number of artificial green wall or hedge panels…
This might seem obvious, but careful planning and measurements here are crucial so you don’t end up with too many panels, or too little, to complete the job successfully. After all, nothing is more frustrating than a half-done job (or spending more money than you needed to)!

To calculate how many panels you need, all you need to do is calculate your square meterage – length x width (for example the length of your fence x it’s height).

For example, a 2m x 3m wall is 2 x 3 = 6m2, therefore you need 6m2 worth of panels.

Most of our panels are 1m x 1m so it’s pretty easy to calculate, however, some panels are 90cm x 90cm, which for easy reference is 0.81 of a m2.

The exception to this rule, is if you are doing areas that require part metres.

If you have offcuts of less than 20cm we wouldn't often recommend re-using this if you are after a perfect finish. However, if you have an area of 4m x 50cm you can easily split a 1 metre panel in half, i.e. 4m x .5m = 2m2 = 2 panels.

If however all of those calculations are making your brain want to explode, or if you simply have some trickier sized areas to cover, feel free to get in touch with our expert team for guidance.

Timber (paling fence, plywood, timber cladding and plaster)

Timber (paling fence, plywood, timber cladding and plaster)

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Concrete Wall / Brick / Stone

Metal / Colourbond Fence

Wire Fences or Tubular Structures

Still have installation questions?

No matter what type of wall, fence or area you’d like to cover or enhance, chances are, there’s a way to attach our beautiful looking designer garden panels with ease. If you’ve got an odd-shaped area or a tricky surface, or simply need some extra assistance, feel free to get in touch with our friendly, expert team for advice.
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