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Ultra Realistic and High-quality Artificial Moss Wall

Create a nature-inspired exterior with our artificial moss wall. Our fake moss wall's richly textured and tactile look gives a tranquil setting ideal for homes, offices, and commercial places.

The easy to install artificial moss wall panels require zero maintenance and are available at an affordable price. Enjoy a peaceful and soothing environment for years by installing a fake moss wall.

Our artificial moss hedge covering measures 200cm by 50cm and is easily attached to any surface. It features a realistic and dense carpet of green and brown tufts, giving a completely natural look.

Why Use Our 200cm x 50cm Artificial Moss Vertical Garden Wall Covering?

The carefully designed artificial moss wall is intended to serve the aesthetic needs of any space perfectly. In addition, it also works as an excellent noise barrier. The vertical design of the moss gives endless creative possibilities as the high-quality backing is easy to cut and bend around any shape.

The gorgeously lush and dense coverage gives it a tactile look that calls to be touched. This masterpiece of artificial garden wall plant design is ideal for those who want to beautify a wall or add depth and texture to patios and other small spaces. The fake moss garden wall maintains its refreshing beauty for many years. As it requires no water, it is one of the best sustainable landscaping solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Features of our Artificial Moss Wall:

  • Made from recycled materials (plastics and concrete)
  • Designed to ensure longevity and durability
  • Designed to look great
  • Use with either artificial or living plants

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