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Artificial Ivy & Ivy / Moss Rolls

Are you looking for the natural Ivy look, without destroying your render or requiring a lot of maintenance? Our Artificial Ivy range includes Artificial Ivy Garlands, UV Treated Ivy Leaf Hedge screens and the cost-effective 3m x 1m Ivy Roll.

Gone are those days when people were getting happiness by planting trees in the lawns and gardens. Today, things have certainly changed due to the boisterous lifestyle and work pressure. Individuals are busy in making money, and hardly spare some time to check out how exactly their gardens are looking during the summer, winter and autumn times. However, the trend of live plants no more exists in society today.

Rather, the artificial ivy wall and plants are now emerging across the globe, and have already made their way into the outdoor and indoor spaces. No doubt, flowers, and plants can give you a unique feel, and moreover, will increases the beauty of your room, mostly in the prime locations like a window sill. But, you might have observed that most of the landlords don't allow you to plant trees and small bushes in the lawn. Isn't it true?

However, growing some real plants is also challenging and need lots of efforts and patience to manage. Despite having all the equipment and materials for growing a small tree in the garden, plants might not develop in your area due to the seasonal issues. Thus, to stay away from such chaos and tensions, you can opt for Artificial ivy Garlands.

The Ivy Leaf Hedge will look fabulous in the homes and offices, and moreover, will always give a fresh feeling with the change in environment. Investing in the artificial gardens and ivy will not cost you more, and however, will stay with you for a prolonged period. You needn't have to take the burden of maintenance cost, as you will high quality of plants from Designer Vertical Gardens.

Without disturbing your landlord and destroying the natural look of your garden, you can use the artificial lawns and walls, which are available at reasonable prices at Designer Vertical Gardens. The UV fake ivy artificial vertical garden, peach leaf roll, and UV ivy roll are some of the finest collection at Designer Vertical Gardens, which will surely satisfy your taste and desires.

Though, the products are of high quality and made from the latest technological tools, but, the prices are very less than your expectation. We only target to provide you the best products, which will never burn a hole in your pocket in the future. Apart from this, the most obvious advantage of using the artificial products in the house is that the fake ivy will always look fresh and tempting, no matter where you place them and in which season you are using.

They don't depend on climate change, and moreover, have no impacts of bad weather throughout the year. If you want to display various blooms in the entire year, then the only reliable option is the artificial versions. So, are you ready to change the look of your home and office? To get some of the fabulous and finished artificial ivy and plants, Designer Vertical Gardens is the only stop in today's date. Our products will bring a vibrant as well as earthy feel in your place.

Instant WOW factor with no maintenance.

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