Designer Vertical Gardens are your premium retailer for Vertical Gardens, Artificial Plants, Plant Walls and Portable hedging products for indoor, outdoor and commercial/event spaces. No longer do you need to worry about wilting or dying plants, with Fake Plants, Green Walls, Portable Hedges and Fake Ivy that looks just like the real thing. 

Bring life to dull spaces quickly and easily with Artificial Wall Gardens that require no ongoing maintenance. A great way to provide some vibrancy to commercial spaces, offices, retail shops, cafes and even aged-care centres and child-care centres. The perfect solution for shop-fitters, architects, builders and renovators as well as the casual DIYer. 

Our product range includes a large variety of Artificial Plants including: 

Artificial Bamboos, Artificial Palm Trees, Artificial Shrubs, Topiary, and Artificial Fiddle Figs 

As well as a huge range of UV Treated Artificial Vertical Gardens and Green Walls that are built to last including: 

Artificial Red Photinia (Red Robin), Artificial Lemon Leaf panels, Artificial Boxwood Screens and; Artificial Ivy Panels and 3m x 1m Ivy rolls 

We ship Australia wide - and best of all, it's free!! Wholesale and trade prices direct to you for the best quality Artificial Hedges and Plants. 

Shipping Artificial Vertical Gardens Australia wide including: 

Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide,  Launceston, Hobart and everywhere else in between Australia Wide!

We also ship to overseas clients - get in touch with the team to discuss your needs.