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Stunning Artificial Plants And Vertical Gardens

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Commercial Clients of Artificial Plants

Hear Why People Love Designer Vertical Gardens

Nobody likes waking up to dull, lifeless fences. The first thing we saw each morning from our kitchen was a boring, inanimate fence until we purchased Designer Vertical Garden’s artificial fern walls.

Designer Vertical Gardens’ artificial vertical gardens are lush, ultra-life-like and easy to install. Their experts helped give the view from our kitchen a complete makeover. Our mornings went from bland, colourless and uninteresting to fresh, vibrant and full of life overnight.

The luxurious artificial fern brightened up our mornings with no long-term maintenance costs whatsoever. Moreover, you can see the difference between the aesthetics in the video for yourself.

You can also beautify your spaces in no time with the help of our life-like artificial country fern vertical garden. Contact the experts to breathe some life into your otherwise dull, lifeless surroundings.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

I'd love to say I have a designer wall to cover but I'm Melbournian, was in lock down, getting creative with cost effective ways to improve the view. My spare room and laundry looked right into an ugly wall and neighbours windows. I'm elated with the result! Already working on repurposing half on old fan to create another feature wall piece with DVG flowers!

Much better than a passion fruit. Gives more light and is very user friendly. Also added solar light string into the wall. A lot of positive accolades from guests. Would recommend this product.

I ordered the wrong item, so I immediately emailed to ask to switch it to another before the shipping process had started. The staff were very helpful and happy to make the switch and since I switched to a cheaper item they sent it via express shipping.
Also this is my second time ordering from them, I order the same item which looks amazing and has lasted for years (still going strong).

Couldn't be happier for my simple yet useful artificial grass, Thanks to Designer Vertical Garden and staff, unnoticed cover up without too much hassle on maintaining them. Starting fresh for a New year!

We purchased two ivy rolls to brighten up a very drab back court yard on our lovely rental home. If you check out the photo from above left you can see how much the walls make a difference. The installation is very easy as we purchased cable wires with the first order of ivy roll. Would order again! Would have been nice to hear back! I'd been checking out the website for a while to order make our place pretty and loved the videos you guys did on your IG account so figured maybe that was out of character at the time? Very pleased with the result all-up, though!

Great experience with speedy delivery & a very good quality product. It was very easy to install and the final result finishes the pool area off beautifully.