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Artificial Vertical Gardens

Have you ever wanted a stunning green wall without any ongoing maintenance that your friend and family will be jealous of? Buying from Designer Vertical Gardens secure you the best quality artificial green walls available. 

With the highest quality, UV stabilised plastics and no toxic heavy metals - you can be sure your new Vertical Garden will stand the test of time. With a range of different styles, there's something for everyone - or even customise your Vertical Garden with some plant stems from our Stem Range.

Designer Vertical Gardens are perfect for both commercial and residential use; and are designed to add a WOW factor INSTANTLY.

These superb vertical gardens are available in different styles, and you can find one which will match with your own style and preference. 

Not convinced?

 Here are some reasons behind the increasing demand for Designer Vertical Gardens stunning green walls:


  1. No maintenance
  2. Instant results
  3. High quality UV protection
  4. No toxic heavy metals
  5. Super easy to install
  6. Designer to look amazing 
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