Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you've got those burning questions that you just need to ask... and the chances are that someone else has had the same question. 

Here are some of the most common questions the team receive:

What are the benefits of Artificial Designer Vertical Gardens?

Designer Vertical Gardens provide a whole lot of benefits. 

    • 1m x 1m modular panels

    • Do it yourself (DIY) - or get our team to help you install

    • Weatherproof - meaning no fading or cracking in the sun

    • Easy to install and maintain - No maintenance

    • Life-like - looks like the real thing

    • Water Saving - Requires no water to look fantastic

    • No heavy metals that can be toxic to your family and pets

    • Free Freight Australia Wide

And best of all - they look fantastic all year round!

What are Artificial Designer Vertical Gardens?

 Artificial Vertical Gardens are the newest craze in decor. The panels come as a 1m x 1m grid with foliage attached. The back of the panel is a plastic grid whilst the front of the panel has the foliage. Your specific style of panel is then attached to the wall (inside or outside) and that's it! Set and forget. 

Are they easy to install?

Yes. They are extremely easy to install. You can have them up in minutes, with no special tools. If you still need help though - we can offer advice on how to install your special project. 

How do I attach the Vertical Gardens to my wall?

Hedge panels can be attached to any surface in a number of ways.The three most common methods are:

  1. To a wooden fence with the assistance of a staple gun, by stapling the frame of the panel to the fence.

  2. To a cyclone/mesh fence, like the kind around tennis courts or swimming pools—with plastic cable ties 

  3. To a 'Colourbond' fence, or other hard surfaced wall – using self tapping screws or nylon plugs.

If you need advice or assistance on your specific installation method - get in touch with us.

What are my Delivery options?

Designer Vertical Gardens offer free shipping Australia Wide. The free shipping is based on a standard freight service with any of our different third party courier companies. However, if you require an overnight service, extra charges will apply. If you require an urgent service, please contact our customer service centre on (03) 8400 4505

How long does Delivery take?

Depending on where you live delivery will vary; estimates are given below:

    • Victoria – 2 clear business days.

    • SA, NSW, ACT – 2 clear business days.

    • QLD, TAS – 4 clear business days.

    • Perth, NT – 5 clear business days.

The delivery of your artificial vertical garden to remote towns (more than 50km out of the CBD may take an extra 2-3 days).

What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy allows for exchange or refund of purchase for up to 14 days, except when it is due to change of mind. Postage for returns is to be paid by the buyer.

These rights of return do not limit your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

What are my payment options?

We use an online merchant (CBA) who is located in Australia to process card payments, alternatively, you may choose to use PayPal which allows you to use your PayPal balance, bank account or card of your choice. An option for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) is also available. 

What other styles do you have?

The options are limitless. All the styles we stock are currently listed on our website - however, from time to time, we do bring in some new styles. 

We also offer customization of all our vertical gardens - so that you can Design your own Bespoke Vertical Garden. So, if there is something, in particular, you are after - no matter the size or style we can assist.