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Instantly Upgrade Your Décor With Artificial Flower Backdrop

Add that wow factor to your event by hiring a lush, attractive faux flower wall backdrop. Flowers have fascinated humans for thousands of years and have always made their way into our celebratory traditions. It has become quite expensive to purchase and decorate a venue with a high volume of flowers.

You may have spotted it at celebrity events, one might find it a little over the top to have it at their own events. However, at Designer Vertical Gardens, we provide affordable and picturesque artificial flower backdrop walls to make your event perfect.

Find The Perfect Ambience With The Faux Flower Wall Backdrop

Flowers are the simplest natural ornament that one can add to an event. If you are looking for a focal point for the event to take pictures around, to make the event memorable, an artificial flower backdrop wall is the perfect solution for you. Blending them with props and wooden or neon signs makes for a splendid opportunity for guests to create lasting memories at your wedding/event.

Designer Vertical Garden’s design experts can help you customise your artificial flower walls by simply connecting different panels of your choice or with our advice. Pair them up with a wide variety of accessories to make your event unforgettable. There are plenty of ways to get creative with flower wall ideas, and our experts guide you through creating your personalised artificial flower backdrop.

Why Go For Fake Flower Wall Backdrops?

Are you looking for a fuss-free, low-maintenance solution for your backdrop? Here are a few reasons why a faux flower wall backdrop is the better choice:

  • No sunlight, watering, soil or fertiliser is required
  • No wilting petals. Consistent appearance throughout the events, even for days
  • Easy to redesign and reinstall as needed
  • Set up and Installation takes Place in minutes
  • Flower Walls can be hired for multi-day events

Come To The Experts At Designer Vertical Gardens

Have a corporate function to bring vitality to? Or is it a birthday/ anniversary celebration? A flower wall with the right colour combinations and props can also help you out for branding during your corporate event. Whereas for birthdays and anniversaries, they are the perfect personalised touch to make the event even more memorable.

Designer Vertical Garden helps you find affordable and elegant flower arrangements giving you the perfect alternative to the overpriced natural flower backdrops. These fake flower wall backdrops are just as stunning and mesmerising as the real deal without all the hassle. Hand-crafted to detail, none of your guests will be able to tell the difference between the flowers. Our products can stand up to the harshest Australian summers, backed up by our no fade and crack 5-year guarantee. They will never crack, fall apart, fade or discolour.

Customisation and consultation are just the start, our team supports you till the end. From delivery to setting up the flower wall, our experts are always ready to help you. We offer delivery all across Australia.