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How Boxwood Hedges (Artificial) Can Enhance Privacy

How Boxwood Hedges (Artificial) Can Enhance Privacy - Designer Vertical Gardens

Privacy in your own space is hard to come by if you are living in an overcrowded villa, subdivision, condominium and the like. The same goes for dwellings and buildings built in front of busy streets and hectic districts. For most people, if not all, privacy is a right as it should be. There is nothing more important than having control of the things you want or do not want to be seen or shared with the rest of the world.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Screen

Many homeowners and urban dwellers have come up with different creative ideas in order to establish that private boundary. Some have built over-the-top fences, partitions and even railings to enclose their space. Many have opted to use a living privacy fence; plants! It not only looks pleasing to the eyes but certainly adds value to the property itself. 

One of the more popular plants frequently used to make living hedges is a Boxwood.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge

There are many reasons why this plant is among the most sought-after plants for a living fence.
Boxwood has long been used as a decorative pruned hedge informal gardens and events. It can stand most types of weathers and is not too sensitive to different temperatures. However, like most living plants, it has to be properly maintained otherwise it will grow out of control leaving you with an unsightly view. If you do not have a green thumb or you just prefer the easier, more cost-effective way, then getting an artificial boxwood plant is the best solution for you. 

Boxwood Hedge Screening

Other benefits of having these artificial boxwood panels and hedges include somewhat a noise reduction due to its thick volume that creates a sound barrier.
If built properly, they can also act as a windbreak to protect against sudden harsh winds. They can also serve as a privacy fence to limit one’s view to mask distant objects. Most importantly, they provide you with privacy from street traffic and neighbours.

Large Artificial Boxwood Hedge

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