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5mm x 25mm Nylon Plug (Masonry Surfaces) – 100 Pieces - Designer Vertical Gardens

5mm x 25mm Nylon Plug (Masonry Surfaces) – 100 Pieces

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So you’ve decided to install your Artificial Vertical Garden yourself? Nylon plugs are the secret trick of the trade for those DIY installers who want their green wall installed quickly and easily.

Instructions for use:

Simply drill into your surface, hold the panel up and hammer in the Nylon Plug so that the head of the plug holds the plastic of the panel down the firm.

–          5mm Nylon Plugs with mushroom head.

–          Suitable for use in brick, render or concrete.

–          Not recommended for use with Cement Sheeting.

–          Recommended number of plugs per 1sqm of Vertical Garden: 6+ plugs.

Recommended Product Match – 5mm Masonry Drill Bit