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Advantages of Designer Vertical Gardens & Artificial Green Walls

Artificial Green Walls are a boon for garden enthusiasts who can’t make time for the upkeep of natural greenery. Our simply stunning range have been used by thousands of people to increase their property value, enhance their look and cut maintenance bills

✔️Stays Green All Year-Round
✔️ Ultra-Realistic Lifelike Appearance
✔️ Allergens-Free Artificial Greenery
✔️ Negligible Maintenance
✔️ Instant Results
✔️ Enhances Mood, Morale, Focus and Productivity
✔️ Cost-Effective

What Others Have to Say about Designer Vertical Gardens

Not only they have a fabulous range of artificial flowers and vertical garden but the quality of the products and the excellent service was beyond all expectations.

They did a fantastic job from beginning to end. Our project was large and included new fencing, asphalt, decking, planting, and lights, all of which were built quickly.

What a lovely hidden gem of a store! Beautiful presentation, savvy staff, and affordable prices! Irresistible!!