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Raw Edge Hair Salon - Installation Project

Artificial Vertical Garden Installation at Raw Edge Hair Salon

The Client

Raw Edge Hair Salon Northcote takes pride in providing fun and unique professional beauty services in a relaxed and comfortable space. They’ve been in the business for 20 years and they aim to satisfy their clients by giving them a personalized look that suits their lifestyle. They reached out to us to work on the manifestation of a welcoming, attractive and low-maintenance shop design. They wanted a premium look with a relaxed vibe for their space that would help make their clients have an amazing experience with their services.

The Project

After discussing the range of options, they decided on installing a green wall in their foyer that not only serves as a stunning decoration but also a space saving divider.  
Our green wall is opaque enough to allow privacy and aesthetically pleasing to welcome clients - just a few of the numerous benefits of artificial vertical gardens. We’ve shown them samples of our high quality green wall panels that would compliment their brand. They proceeded to use the stunning Green Sensation Vertical Garden panel.

The Product

Green Sensation Vertical Garden Panel is made up of a blend of grasses, ferns, and succulent like stems that’ll bring a breath of fresh air to any space.
It is vibrant and luxurious, which also makes it a perfect backdrop to any event.
The combination of plants has been specifically chosen to compliment each other. However if you want to achieve a more detailed look, you can add in a few extra plants that can be added upon request. This sensational green wall panel makes a striking display that catches the attention of the bypassers and impresses the client.
As Australia’s leading retailer of Artificial Plants, Vertical Wall Gardens, Portable Hedges and Fake Ivy, we specialise in selling only the highest quality and realistically looking greenery. 
With our large collection of premium products we are certain there is a design that is perfect for your home or business. And what’s more? We can customize your panels according to your desires.
With our expertise in the industry, we were able to come up with a functional, visual, and economical design that’s aligned with Raw Edge Hair Salon’s brand of business.
The envisioned look of the salon was achieved through mapping out a plan on what was desired and the benefit of it for Raw Edge Salon staff and clients. 
We are with you in every stage of the process in improving your space.

The Solution

Raw Edge Hair Salon sent us the measurements and photos of their area  which are integral information in installing vertical gardens. It also made the process seamless,  quick and easy.  In the event these details are not handy, we can come out and get them for you.
We sent our installation team with complete materials (actually only staples and a staple gun) to do the job. Normally, an installation job doesn't require special requirements however if needed, it can be easily arranged.
The process can be done in a few hours, and you’ll have an awesome green wall that you can enjoy all year round - high impact and super easy.
Overall, the project was amazing as the wall also served as a beautiful backdrop for instagrammable photos especially with the newly done hair for the clients of Raw Edge Salon. The stunning look and relaxed vibe of the salon also help increase people’s awareness of their brand. 
For a budget of less than $5000 the installed greenery is also a wise investment for the salon. It is a cost effective way to beautify their business.
The greenery doesn’t require ongoing maintenance, it is durable and reusable and will maintain its look for years to come.It is so convenient and easy to install.
Were thrilled to work with Raw Edge Hair Salon in bringing to life the look and feel of the salon that they dreamed of. 


Customer: Raw Edge Hair Salon
Budget: less than $5000
Product and Service: Installation of Green Sensation Artificial Vertical Garden