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What are Artificial Vertical Gardens?

So how do artificial vertical gardens actually work, and what should you watch out for?

Designer Vertical Gardens are Australia's premier provider of Artificial Vertical Gardens and Faux Greenery. Whether you require a simple do it yourself (DIY) solution or a custom creation for your special event.

Fake Vertical Gardens and Hedge Panels

Our Vertical Gardens and Artificial Hedge Panel Range all come in a 1m x 1m inter-connectable Panel that is easily cut with a pair of scissors.

Each panel has a plastic mesh grid on the back, and your selected foliage on the front.

They are easily connected onto any wall or surface for an instant green oasis!


Fake Vertical gardens that are rolled into long sheets lack density and robustness - a roll can only be achieved when using flatter foliage, meaning they don't look as realistic.

Fake Vertical Gardens and Hedge Panels
Bespoke Faux Vertical Gardens

Luxury Green Walls

Each of our Bespoke Vertical Gardens or Luxury Green Walls are UV treated and are suitable for long-term outdoor use.

They come in either a 1m x 1m panel or a 90cm x 90cm panel - with each version coming on a metal mesh backing.

Each panel has approximately 80 different individual stems attached and has been fire tested in Australia. 


Metal panels using cheaper mesh (it will quickly rust) - many fake green wall suppliers use cheap nasty mesh that rusts and falls apart to save a few dollars.

Don't risk it!


Designer Vertical Gardens' Green Wall Discs are so simple and easy to install - you just hang them like a picture frame. With 3 - 4 holes on the back, simply screw into your wall and hang the Disc.

Each Disc comes in a durable metal frame with individual plants attached into a foam backing placed within the metal frame.

With each Disc there is an option for an Onyx Black or Pure White Frame, with an option for UV treated plants suitable for outdoors, or non-UV treated plants more suitable for indoors.


Poorly attached fake plants - many suppliers to cut costs only use poor quality glue (if any) to keep the plants attached into the disc. We use heavy duty UV resistant glues.


Each portable hedge comes on a metal frame that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The hedges are light-weight, yet durable and are constructed to last!

The hedges are constructed in a Length x Height x Width - making a 3D box like structure, with foliage on each side of the boxed hedge.

Designer Vertical Gardens offer assembly of your hedges for $50 per hedge.


Flimsy metal frames that fall apart and hedges with gaps in them - the easiest way for fake plant suppliers to save a few dollars is to use a shoddy frame - we don't!

What Makes Designer Vertical Gardens Different?

Artificial Designer Vertical Gardens have a whole heap of benefits; other than just making your vertical spaces look fantastic!Whether it be the side of the house where plants will not grow, as a plant splash-back for your kitchen or something different on your bathroom walls - our artificial plant screens and artificial Vertical Gardens will be sure to impress.

What Makes Designer Vertical Gardens Different

Check out the benefits of Designer Vertical Gardens for yourself below:

  • Our Designer Vertical Gardens come in a 1m x 1m modular panel - making it easier for you to connect, meaning you can enjoy your green oasis sooner!
  • Our Artificial Vertical Garden Panels are so easy to install, you can even Do It Yourself (DIY). However, if you're not so handy with the tools - our team will be on hand to assist you with any tricky questions.
  • Our Vertical Garden screens are completely weather-proof. Rain-proof and UV treated so there's no nasty cracking, fading or colour changes to surprise you. Meaning you can enjoy your artificial garden for longer!
  • Artificial Vertical gardens and wall panels mean No Maintenance. Say goodbye to endless hours shaping and cutting your hedges and even if you're not a green thumb, you can have the lush, green garden of your dreams - without the price tag.
  • With a life-like appearance, you'll have your friends, neighbours or customers wondering how you grew your vertical garden so quickly. Our botanically correct vertical gardens mean you're not stuck with fake and tacky looking artificial plants
  • Well, you can water your Artificial Vertical Gardens if you like - but they are so fantastic they require no water and no maintenance. Which means they look lush and green all year round.
  • Our company director has worked hard with our manufacturers to ensure that there are No Toxic Chemicals like Lead, Mercury and Boric Acid in our Artificial Wall Gardens. So your kids and pets can play outside and you can be worry free. Our Vertical Garden Screens are ROHS compliant for peace of mind.
  • Best of all - all of our products come with Free Shipping Australia Wide. So you can get your product sooner - with no nasty surprises when you reach the cart.


High quality and life like foliage designed with RealTex Technology.

Well trained and professional staff to guide and assist you in choosing the right plants and installers and trades people on hand to assist with installation processes.

Earth friendly materials used (no dangerous heavy metals like so many others).

Industry leaders in design, supply and installation.

We service a wide range of industries also: Shop-fitting, shopping centers, cafes, cruise ships, hotels, function centers, government, commercial developers and offices.

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