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4 design tips for designing your hairdressing salon for ultimate relaxation.

4 design tips for designing your hairdressing salon for ultimate relaxation. - Designer Vertical Gardens

When clients walk into your hair salon, of course, they want the perfect haircut – but they are also looking for pampering, relaxation and complete respite from their stresses in life.

In order to provide this for clients, it’s important that you can create the right atmosphere for clients to relax and let go! Below are 4 top tips on how you can design your salon to help your clients de-stress completely!

Top Tip 1 - Use Mirrors

Mirrors are not only important for clients to be able to view your work to ensure they are happy – but mirrors are also an important design technique to make a statement and amplify light, as well as giving the illusion of smaller spaces looking bigger. Place mirrors tightly together with one after the other to reveal less wall space whilst maximising the sense of space in the room.

Top Tip 2 - Use the right Lighting

Lighting has a direct influence on our mood, with 80% of the sensory information the brain receives coming from our eyes, so it’s important that in your salon you get the lighting right!

Warmer temperature lighting is flattering to client’s complexions, and to the interior of the store, so opt for warmer coloured lighting over cool, that may wash out our clients. Lighting on either side of the mirror where clients will sit is also flattering to the complexion of your client – so opt for warm lighting around the client's mirror area to ensure you are able to compliment your clients. Make sure that whatever lights you use in your salon accurately reflect any colour or styling that you may have used on your client to ensure the client is always happy with your work.

Top Tip 3 - Design your Reception and Waiting Area correctly 

Providing a welcoming and inviting reception area is one of the most important elements to your salon to ensure that customers are happy and comfortable at all times whilst in your salon, including if they have to wait.

Nobody likes waiting, but sometimes it’s inevitable – especially in hairdressing. Clients could be running late, or things just might not have gone to plan, but making your customer’s waiting time pleasant will ensure they continue to come back to you time and time again.

Provide your clients with some comfortable chairs and couches, as well as some magazines, literature or even some IPAD’s or tablets to browse on whilst they wait. Consider having a water jug/filter for customers with some disposable cups to save you the hassle of having to wash cups a few times a day.

Make sure that your Reception Desk has everything required for your customer to pay for their appointment, schedule a new appointment and get any information or products required in a timely manner to ensure you can get back to your other clients, but ensure that you can finish the customer journey with your previous client.

Top Tip 4 - Use Greenery

Greenery in Hair Salons creates an atmosphere that is not only welcoming but pure and fresh. There are so many ways you can include plants in your Salon – but consider a number of different factors before you do.  

Hairdressing Salons are often busy places – so, do you have time to maintain and water your plants? Will any dyes or chemicals get onto the plants, and will the plants get enough sunlight?

A great solution for this is high-quality Artificial Green Walls and Plants. Artificial Vertical Gardens and plants require no maintenance or sunlight, and won’t be affected by chemicals, dyes or hot steamy water. If your salon is on the smaller side, Artificial Vertical Gardens are perfect as they do not require any floor space in order to look incredible – leaving you more room to move around and create a lush space.

Creating an Artificial Vertical Garden or using Plants in your reception area is key to welcoming clients into your salon, and creating a relaxing atmosphere from the moment they step foot in the door.  

Clients in your salon want to feel pampered and relaxed. Ensuring that your salon emulates that is vitally important to improving customer satisfaction and helping them reach ultimate relaxation.

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