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2016 trends and inspiring ideas to cover that ugly wall.

2016 trends and inspiring ideas to cover that ugly wall. - Designer Vertical Gardens
In every home, business and garden there's always that ugly wall that you just don't know what to do with. Here are some of 2016's trends and inspiring ideas for turning that ugly wall, into a masterpiece. 

1. Laser Cut Panels and Screens

Laser Cut Panels are a marvelous and cost effective solution to covering that ugly wall, and they look fantastic. Mix it up with some Designer Vertical Gardens Panels from the Premium Collection, from a tasteful, cost effective solution. 

artificial vertical wall
artificial vertical wall


2. Stack Stone Panels 

Stone Stack Panels are a beautiful way to cover walls, whilst adding some artistic depth. Add to the atmosphere around a fire place, or combine with some Artificial Greenery to really WOW your guests. Cost effective, and absolutely stunning.

stone panel


3. Wooden Trellis Screens

The Trusty wooden trellis screens. Cheap, Durable and found almost everywhere. Easy to put up, and with a coat of paint, they look fantastic! 

wooden trellis
Artificial Vertical Garden wall

4. Artificial Hedges and Vertical Gardens 

We may be biased - but Artificial Hedges and Artificial Vertical Garden Privacy Screens are the most cost effective and beautiful solution to an ugly wall. Whether you use it to brighten around your pool, or in your bathroom. If it's used in combination with trellis screens, laser cut panels - or you just love it so much you us it on it's own. The benefits of Artificial Vertical Gardens are endless. 

Artificial Hedges
Artificial Hedge Walls
artificial vertical garden

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