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5 top tips for finding the best Artificial Vertical Gardens.

5 top tips for finding the best Artificial Vertical Gardens. - Designer Vertical Gardens

With so many different Artificial Vertical Gardens, of varying quality out there on the market - it's hard to know exactly which one is right for you and how to choose the best. 

Our team have developed a handy guide on what to look for the top 5 tips for finding the best Artificial Vertical Garden for you! 

Top Tip 1: Density

Most Vertical Garden Boxwood Panels have 1200 leaves per sqm. This leaves a far less superior finish - as the panels leave gaps and give a fake finish. Higher quality panels like Designer Vertical Garden's Artificial Vertical Garden panels have 1600 leaves per sqm - giving a neat, crisp and more realistic finish. 

Question to ask your Supplier: How many leaves per square metre do your panels have? 

Top Tip: Don't buy anything less that 1600 leaves, for a better quality finish! 

Top Tip 2: UV Stability

Some Vertical Gardens, Wall Gardens and Artificial Plants turn a nasty colour of blue when exposed to too much sunlight. Some Fake plants and Wall Gardens will only last 6 months before they have to be replaced - sometimes costing you thousands. Poorer quality artificial plants and hedge panels will crack and fade in the sun, while the best quality is UV engineered to last 5-10 years, even longer! 

Question to ask your Supplier: How long will these last in the sun and do you guarantee against cracking and fading?

Top Tip: Feel the thickness of the leaves. Thinner cloth leaves tend to have less UV treatment in the leaves and will not last as long. 

Top Tip 3: Leaf Quality

Some Artificial Wall Panels fall apart in the wind and rain - leaving you with fallen leaves and broken panels. The leaf quality is an important part of picking your Vertical Gardens to ensure that they are durable and will last outside in those once in a hundred year storms (which are becoming ever more frequent). 

Question to ask your Supplier: Can you shake a panel for me? (see how many leaves fall off). 

Top Tip: Shake the Panel, or look at the thickness of the connectors. If where the panel connects to the leaf is thin, it is likely you will be faced with fallen leaves and wasted money having to replace these panels every 6 months 

Top Tip 4: Grid Thickness

Most artificial garden panels come with a plastic grid that the foliage is attached to. The thickness of this grid is a good indication of the quality of the overall panel. If the grid is thin and flimsy it tends to break and pull apart when installing the panels, however; if the grid is thick and durable your panels will be able to stand up to the harsh Australian Climate (including hot weather). 

Question to ask your Supplier: How durable is the plastic backing - and how long does it last? 

Top Tip: Feel the thickness of the backing. Thinner grid (often lighter coloured) will not last as long as thicker panels. 

Top Tip 5: Colour

Obviously, most customers pick their panels based on colour vibrancy - and why not; they look amazing! Some suppliers will supply you with inferior quality products, and this can be easily picked up by looking at the colour variegation and vibrancy. Dull and overly shiny panels often mean they are made from a lower quality raw material (plastic). However vibrant, consistent and variegated colours often indicate a better quality product and one that will be much longer lasting. 

Question to ask your Supplier: Have you tested the product yourself? How long does the colour last?

Top Tip: See the Vertical Garden and Artificial Plant Panels in person. Professional photos can quite often make the panels look more vibrant than they are. If you can't see them in person, ask the company for samples or for current photos (taken that day) so you can get a better idea of what is the best style/option for your area! 

Good Luck!

P.S. Designer Vertical Gardens sell the best quality, Artificial Hedges - check it out for yourself! 

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