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A Commercial Space Using A Vertical Garden

A Commercial Space Using A Vertical Garden - Designer Vertical Gardens

How would you like to create an eco-friendly commercial space? Expanding greenery as much as possible to combat pollution, and turning an office or space into an environmental friendly area will take you one step closer to making the world a better place. Vertical gardens are perfect for enhancing the décor of a commercial space and adding that extra WOW factor! Continue reading to learn about this intriguing stylish option for your commercial space.

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Transform Indoor Spaces With A Vertical Garden:

A vertical garden is also referred to as green or living walls, and has become quite a rage owing to its efficiency in beautifying indoor spaces with exclusive garden structures. Installation of a vertical garden can easily eliminate boredom from your office or improve the style of a shopping centre, or for that matter, any commercial space.

Essentially, vertical gardens involve placement of plants in a way that makes them grow (upwards) in vertical direction, along the wall’s face. Depending on the design, a vertical garden can either cover a focal point, or an entire wall. The concept of a vertical garden in a commercial space also increases the space limitations while making the area more pleasing aesthetically as well as creatively. They mostly appear as a natural, green tapestry on any framework.

Advantages Of Installing A Vertical Garden:

Take a look at some of the major benefits of creating a vertical garden in your commercial space:

Lowers Urban Heat Island - UHI or Urban Heat Island is the term given to any urban area/city whose temperature remains warmer than surrounding areas (significantly) due to increased human activities. A vertical garden can effectively lower the effect of smog and UHI.

Cleaner Air - The quality of air inside the commercial space is also improved as the vertical garden eliminates volatile organic compounds or VOCs and other pollutants from the air as it circulates inside the commercial space.

Sound Proofing - A vertical garden functions just like a natural sound barrier. It blocks out noises of low frequencies and improve the sound quality inside the commercial space.

Other benefits include thermal insulation, added foot traffic (especially in malls and stores), and monetary savings in future (on repair).

Selecting The Right Plants:

It is crucial that you select the right plants for creating a vertical garden in your commercial space, as it will affect other conditions inside your space like temperature, sunlight and humidity. Plants that come with shallow roots and plants having the same fertilisation and watering needs are most commonly used in groups for creating a vertical garden. Ivies and vines are among the most used plants for a vertical garden. However, ferns of various types are also used in certain designs. Opt for those plants that require low maintenance, and make sure that the plants selected can easily grow in tough conditions. Succulents and bromeliads (both require less sunlight and attention) are also worth a shot when shopping for plants for your vertical garden.

You need to make sure that you select the plants from reliable, quality stores only. Designer Vertical Gardens offers some of the most exquisite vertical garden products at highly reasonable rates. You will find a wide range of top quality plant options for your commercial space vertical garden here.

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