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How to Design & Plan Your Artificial Green Wall

How to Design & Plan Your Artificial Green Wall - Designer Vertical Gardens

Ensuring that you plan you artificial green wall in advance, and in-line with your requirements, and the surrounding environment will definitely save you time & money whilst ensuring you get a stunning vertical garden outcome.

1. Scope 

From the get go, you need to ask - what is the overall look and feel I am trying to achieve? Here are options to get you thinking.

- Simple and elegant (our hedge range is perfect)

- Green and bushy (our green sensation is amazing)

- Dense, varied and extremely realistic (the bespoke range is perfect)

We'd suggest that you first look at a range of images of vertical gardens, where real or artificial to narrow down what overall style you like, and what will suit your space. 

Houzz is perfect for checking out past jobs and possibilities. 

artificial hedge panels green walls and vertical gardens

 2. Placement

After deciding which green wall or hedge you feel will best achieve your design objectives, consider how they can be placed to provide maximum impact. One important question to ask is 'Do you want the full wall covered, or just part of the wall?'

We find that typically if you already have a feature wall or attractive timber paneling you may wish to simply blend the vertical garden in with the panels (see what we mean here).

If, however, you have an ugly wall that you wish to cover, we would highly recommend full coverage. 

3. Ordering

When the time comes to placing your order there are a few key considerations. Whilst we would love you to order here and now, we want to share with you the key points to consider.

Price: if the cost of the green wall is the only factor you are concerned about, i.e. you are installing it for a 24 hour event and after which you will dispose of the panels then by all means go to a $2 shop and get those. However, you do often get what you pay for. There are several easy ways for suppliers to cut prices: use toxic chemicals that are still legal in Australia (yes, many plastic contain lead, mercury and a range of plastic based acids). We don't use these nasties. The second way is to ensure that the colour stabilizers are dirt cheap (they will have quickly fade and change colour even if inside). Third, reduce the density of the foliage, this is self explanatory - less materials cheaper they are .

artificial boxwood panels and hedge panel

We've always focused on doing the best green walls we can without nasty chemicals, high levels of colour and UV stabilizer and great density. 

Quality: We briefly touched on quality above, however, it is important to ensure that your supplier stands by what they say. We have global testing reports on our panels being free from toxic chemicals, along with testing reports regarding our fire rated panels. 

Delivery: When ordering online you sometimes never know who you are actually dealing with. We have been around for 10 years, have a large Melbourne based warehouse, and huge stocks. You can be sure that you are dealing with a real company ready to server you. We've noticed recently there are a number of outlets that upon you ordering place an order over in China and around 3-5 weeks later a bashed up box arrives from China with something that may look like the product you ordered. We don't do this, and never will. 

We hope you have found this guide to planning and designing your green wall helpful. 

If you require more advice please contact us at Contact Designer Vertical Gardens or Order Online

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