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The Top 5 Tips to Make Your Artificial Green Walls Look Realistic and Natural

The Top 5 Tips to Make Your Artificial Green Walls Look Realistic and Natural - Designer Vertical Gardens

There is no doubt that aesthetics play a major role in providing comfort and contentment at one’s home. Whether you are sitting in the living room of your house or are working in the office we all want a space that we enjoy. In this blog we want to share with you the top 5 tips to ensure that you have a natural green wall that looks realistic, to ensure you’ll love it for years to come.

 Often people will instinctively consider real plants and green walls. All of which require regular maintenance and care and as such it is getting hard for property owners to take care of their plants due to the considerable amount of time, money and effort required. This is where artificial green walls serve as a better option for those that want instant greenery without the work or cost.

 Beside the cost and upkeep involved in green walls, there is also the risk that damage will be caused to your wall or fence in the long-term due to weight, water, and soil leakage.

Here are the top 5 tips to make your artificial walls look natural and real:


  • Include the plants that are native to your particular region

The first step is to incorporate right the plant types, styles and colors that are common in your area. So, identify the plants that are native to your region and include them in the artificial wall. You can mix the different shades of green to make the artificial plants and shrubs look realistic.


  • Put the walls in the areas that are highly visible

Let's be honest, when we invest into a green wall we want people to like it and talk about it. So, in order to let your artificial plants make a long-lasting impression on the minds of the viewers, you must ensure that when placing the walls in highly visible areas they suit the area and can be easily seen. For example, waiting rooms and lobbies are the best spots for artificial walls along with in front of a window splash back. These areas will not only get the attention from your guests but would also make them feel relaxed and comfortable.


  • Don't be afraid to add a floral appeal

Though you need to use the plants that are native to your area, you should should be little bit creative when choosing the colors and patterns you ultimately want. Try to use a pattern that is not so common. Whilst we would recommend keeping the majority of the green wall with natural colours, it is easy enough to blend bright colours (white grasses, red flowers or brown tinges throughout the vertical garden).


  • Try covering the entire wall

It may seem odd to you at first but the entire wall or column covered with  artificial plants makes a decorative statement and makes it look realistic. You can also think about using these walls to frame something or highlight the particular indoor area. Ultimately, it depends on the availability of space and the other aesthetics that what will look better for that space.


  • Ensure that the panels are stabilised with UV protection within the plastic

Many artificial plants providers will suggest that their panels are UV suitable, however, often they have simply passed off normal plastic plants as being suitable outdoors or they have added the lowest possible amount of UV protection to the plastics in order to cut costs. At Designer Vertical Gardens we use a significant amount of UV protection within the plastic to ensure longevity. Even when the panels aren't outside, without the UV protection the leaves will start cracking in a few years. 

Before finalizing the design, color, pattern and the area for the installation of artificial green walls, you need to analyze your space thoroughly. Once you have a rough idea in your mind, you can realize your decorative vision by following the tips mentioned above -  we are sure that even you will be impressed at the realistic looks of the artificial walls.

We are always happy to provide advice and make suggestions if you wish - so please feel free to contact us.

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