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Artificial Hedge Panels & Hedge Tiles

Deluxe Portable Bright Buxus UV Resistant Artificial Hedge 100cm x 50cm x 25cm - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial vertical green wall Portable Hedges
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Deluxe Portable Bright Buxus UV Resistant Artificial Hedge 100cm x 50cm x 25cm

$249.95  $299.95

Portable Artificial Boxwood Hedge UV Resistant 25cm High 100cm Long - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial green wall sydney artificial hedge fence panels
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Portable Artificial Boxwood Hedge UV Resistant 25cm High 100cm Long

$159.95  $199.95

Lush Spring Vertical Garden / Green Wall UV Resistant 100cm x 100cm - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial hedge fence panels Artificial hedge panels
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Luxury Lush Spring Vertical Garden / Green Wall UV Resistant 100cm x 100cm

$199.95  $259.95

Artificial Hedge Wall Australia 

Who doesn’t want to bring the beauty of nature into their home or office space? Plants help us feel wonderfully fresh and alive, and provide a sense of calm in times of stress. However to look after them properly you need time and skills for maintenance - especially when it comes to hedge panels, vertical gardens and artificial wall garden. Australia’s low rainfall also means constant watering of plants is unsustainable in the long run. Artificial hedge walls and artificial wall garden in Australia are your best option for bringing in stunning greenery without any maintenance worry. 

Create a truly beautiful space in a matter of minutes with our superb variety of vertical gardens. Made with a lush range of foliage this stunning artificial green wall will change any space from drab to fab very easily and without any ongoing maintenance.  An exceptional quality product that won't need replacing (saving you your hard earned cash). We also supply Artificial or Fake Hedges at wholesale prices for larger orders. 

Some benefits of Artificial Hedges:

  • Instant privacy for you and your family with dense and life-like foliage
  • Great value coverage that can't be beaten in quality and price
  • Turn your very own fence or wall into a stunning evergreen wall that looks lush every day of the year
  • Easy to install 1m x 1m modular panels that can be joined together or cut to size

The types of Hedges we have are as follows:

Artificial Mixed Leaf Varieties

Kick back and enjoy your own private garden oasis, safe from onlookers eyes and the harsh sun. The high UV treatment makes it fade resistant and suitable for interior, exterior and commercial use.  

Let our vertical artificial garden walls work their magic inside your home. It brings the outside in, and transforms even the dullest wall into a stunning feature. If you’ve got a large open plan room, it’s a stylish way to divide the space into different zones.

  • Live your life as if every season was spring with our fake leafy wall panels that are a masterpiece of vertical garden design! Gloriously vibrant and life-like mixed leaves will turn your back garden into a haven for the senses.
  • Each hand-assembled panel is super easy to install and UV treated for outdoor use. 
  • The water wise and stress free choice! Once it's in, you’ll never have to worry about watering, maintenance or pruning again. The perfect solution for busy people!

The UV stabilised varieties in this type we have are Mixed Ivy Artificial Hedge Fence Panels (1m x 1m), Boston Ivy Leaf Panel (50cm x 50cm), Country Oak Artificial Hedge Tile (1m x 1m), Light English Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panel, Dense Fern Artificial Hedge, Artificial Ivy Hedge Panel and the English Boxwood Artificial Hedge Panel all in size of 1m x 1m.

Artificial Buxus Hedges

Our Dense Buxus panels look and feel luxurious, and will immediately enhance your inside or outside space. It can be set up in an instant, and once it’s there, it requires no ongoing maintenance or water to keep its looks. It's ideal for use in areas where plants refuse to grow, or there’s limited space, and provides the perfect backdrop so you can relax in style.

Some benefits of our Artificial Buxus Hedges:

  • Add year round colour, texture and beauty to your garden, pool, deck and patio with our Dense Buxus artificial hedge fence panel. Whatever your design preferences are, this vertical fake garden wall panel will help you create your dream private escape.
  • As the name suggests, each artificial hedge panel features a luxuriously thick covering of foliage measuring 8-10cm for the most natural look and feel. Everyone will think it’s the real thing. Use it to screen off unsightly areas, brighten up dead spaces, and as an instant privacy and noise screen from neighbours.
  • The fake vertical wall garden panels are UV treated to stand up to the harshest sun. With a zero fuss installation and no upkeep required, it saves you from the stresses, money and time that live plants take up.

The UV treatment makes it sun and weather proof, so it won’t wither and fade. A high quality backing is easy to cut and shape, making this the ideal artificial hedge. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any part of Australia - these are the gardening products you’ve been dreaming of.

Our Artificial Buxus Hedges consist of Dense Buxus Artificial Hedge Tiles, Premium Natural Buxus Artificial Hedge Panel, Super Clearance UV Resistant Yellow Buxus Mats all of size 1m x 1m. 

Long and Box Hedges

These premium bright buxus hedges are the perfect solution to adding instant greenery, and getting instant privacy. This topiary hedge requires no maintenance and is guaranteed to last outdoors for years, and is the perfect solution to screen any area.

Imagine a perfectly manicured hedge that never needed any trimming! The artificial boxwood panels are made from high quality life-like leaves that will look amazing every single day of the year. Now you can have a hedge without the maintenance.

  • Instant privacy for you and your family
  • Great value coverage that can't be beaten
  • Aesthetically pleasing results that will make your home look fantastic

These UV resistant designs include Deluxe Portable Bright Buxus of size 100cm x 50cm x 25cm, Portable Artificial Boxwood Hedge of size 25cm x 100cm and a Mixed Boxwood Artificial Hedge 100cm x 100cm.

Artificial Lemon Leaf Varieties

The stunningly authentic artificial trellis is the perfect choice for creating a wonderful backdrop or attractive fence. Made with versatility in mind you won't be disappointed with these exceptional Artificial Lemon Leaf plant hedge panels. 


  • Highest quality & exceptional value (coverage) 
  • Easily adjusted to any space to provide superior flexibility 
  • Instant life-like greenery that looks fabulous

This UV stable variety includes Lemon Leaf Artificial Hedge Panel of size 1m x 1m and a 2 Pack- UV Lemon Leaf Expandable Artificial Plant Trellis of size 2m x 1m.

Artificial Flowering Hedge Varieties

An aesthetically excellent way to enhance the appeal of any wall, fence or surface. 

These stunning hand made and assembled vertical garden panels come with superb artificial tropical foliage and lilac flower bunches throughout.

Each vertical garden tile measures 1m x 1m and is designed for indoor and outdoor usage. Simply place your lilac flowering stems wherever you desire (stems come loosely and are easily placed into the panel).

And if it's privacy you’re after, we’ve got you covered! The artificial foliage is extremely dense so you can rest assured that your neighbours won’t be peeping into your yard.

Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, the hedges can even be used for commercial spaces such as offices, shops and cafés.

  • UV Resistant & Long-lasting
  • Easy to install and can be cut to size to suit any space
  • Free delivery and tracking provided

Our flowering varieties include Flowering Lilac Artificial Vertical Garden, Elegant Red Rose Artificial Vertical Garden, Photinia Artificial Hedge Panel, Yellow Rose Artificial Garden, Urban Greenery Artificial Vertical Garden and Jasmine Artificial Hedge Screen, all of which are 1m x 1m in size. 

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