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Create a Comforting and Soothing Space with Artificial Hedge Panels

Designer Vertical Gardens offers an exclusive range of artificial hedges that allows you to instantly give green transformation to any space. Popular for both commercial and residential properties, our faux hedges or hedge panels are affordable, durable, and replicate nature in the best possible way.

The maintenance-free artificial hedge wall saves the time and money required for watering, pruning, fertilising, and other upkeeps. With minimal maintenance to have life-like greenery and thickness all year round, artificial hedge panels are a wise investment for property owners.

A Few Advantages of Designer Vertical Garden’s Artificial Hedges:

Instant Result

No matter how big or small the area you want to cover with artificial hedges, you can achieve the desired green effect in a matter of hours. Designer Vertical Gardens provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs for a fake hedge wall. From adding privacy to the area to direct traffic, artificial hedge panels have multiple applications for commercial and residential properties.


Our faux hedges are made from the finest quality raw materials. They are UV stable and weather-resistant, maintaining their original appearance and functionality for years. Creating a green wall using our artificial hedges will give you an aesthetically pleasing, calming, and maintenance-free space for a long time.

Several Options Available

We offer a wide range of artificial hedges that match the rest of your interior. Our new collection of hedge panel tiles includes Mixed Ivy Artificial Hedge Fence Panels, Dense Fern Artificial Hedges, Flowering White Jasmine Fake Green Walls, Wild Tropics Artificial Green Walls, Photinia Artificial Hedge Panels, Green Meadows Artificial Vertical Gardens, and more. We have hedges for every space and need.

Beautiful Green Space All Year Around

The artificial hedges solve your privacy issue and uplift the entire space, making it more vibrant and welcoming. Whether it’s the backyard of your home or commercial space, you can create a beautiful visual impact using our artificial hedges. Additionally, green panels have the ability to bring depth and liveliness to the space, especially to areas with limited space and access to natural light. They make small areas appear more prominent than confined.

Whether you want to uplift the outdoor patio of your commercial space or want to create a soothing indoor office environment, our experts will help you create a beautiful green space with our customised services.

Fully Customisable

You can keep the artificial hedge wall as long or short as required to meet your specific needs. They can be easily cut to size and are ideal for DIY projects. You can use our expert’s help to create a beautiful office space using the most suitable artificial hedge wall panels. You can count on our expert advice to achieve the best effect within your budget.

From instant privacy and aesthetic perfection to easy installation and low maintenance, our artificial green panels offer excellent value coverage that cannot be beaten in quality and price. The carefully engineered artificial hedge panels are perfect for modern Australian homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

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Beautify your home today with stunning artificial hedges and expanding hedge trellis screens that are made to transform any space quickly & easily.