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UV Light Boxwood Artificial Vertical Garden (1m x 1m) - Artificial green walls and fake plants
UV Light Boxwood Artificial Vertical Garden (1m x 1m) - Artificial green walls and fake plants
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Screen
Artificial Boxwood Green Wall

UV Resistant Light English Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panel 1m x 1m

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A brighter twist on the classic English box hedge! Neat, dense and light artificial hedge panels with no watering, pruning or shaping required. 

  • A vibrant update to the old classic! Our light Boxwood artificial plant fence panels shares the stately beauty of our original Boxwood artificial hedge, but comes in a lighter colour. Perfect for brightening up dark areas, its green is so versatile it looks good everywhere.
  • Ideal for those without the time, energy or skills to maintain the real thing, each artificial hedge fence panel features dense and tight two-tone leaves for a naturalistic look. Use it to define spaces, screen off unsightly areas, brighten up area, and as a privacy and noise screen from neighbours.
  • This fake vertical wall garden boxwood panel is UV treated to stand up to the harshest sun. With a zero fuss instillation and zero fuss upkeep it saves you from the stresses, money and time that live plants take.


Everyone loves the English box hedge look. It’s a timeless style that freshens up your garden, and at full height makes the perfect noise and privacy screen. But if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, space, or time to grow one - what are you supposed to do?


Our Boxwood artificial hedge transforms your garden instantly, and will impress all your friends and family with it’s naturalistic beauty. Once it’s up, it requires no ongoing maintenance or water to keep on looking good. It’s ideal for poolsides and other areas where plants refuse to grow, and provides the perfect backdrop so you can relax in style and privacy.


The panels features a dense blend of vibrant green leaves that have been UV treated to make them sun and weather proof. The high quality backing is easy to cut and shape, making this the ideal artificial hedge. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - this is the gardening product you’ve been dreaming of!