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10 Fake Vertical Garden Ideas for Small Space 2023

10 Fake Vertical Garden Ideas for Small Space 2023 - Designer Vertical Gardens

Artificial greenery and vertical gardens have resolved the problem of not having enough time to look after plants. Still, another issue that troubles many people is the space constraint of setting up a garden. Well, who says you can’t create spectacular gardens in small spaces?

Regardless of the space constraint, everyone should have access to fresh greenery and colourful flowers. With the help of the wide range of products available at Designer Vertical Gardens, you can easily overcome your problems in no time. Whether you wish to create a masterpiece independently or seek help from the experts, keep in mind that you can always surround yourself with lush artificial gardens in no time.

If you wish to overcome all the space constraints, read on to find out about 15 fake vertical garden ideas for small spaces.

Leaning Wooden works Vertical Gardens

One of the easiest ways to create a faux vertical garden is to lean a ladder or a wooden frame against the wall and set up artificial greenery over it. If you have spent some time in the carpentry workshop or know someone who can assist you, you can unleash your creativity and create wooden works that will add to the beauty of your artificial garden.

Upcycled Gutters Vertical Gardens

If you have old rain gutters, you can use them as planters too. Using something as simple as upcycled gutters and a few ropes, you can create an array of planters to hold your artificial gardens.

Another way you could go about it is by cutting them along their length into halves. These halves can be fixed onto walls or fences to create a mesmerising artificial garden. It makes you wonder how something like discarded rain gutters, once restored and painted with a few touch-ups, become a part of such a beautiful artificial vertical garden wall.

Artificial Succulent Dresser Gardens

Why throw away your old dresser when you can use it to create a vertical garden? Furthermore, the speciality of the dresser gardens is that you can create a cascading effect by pulling out the drawers to a certain extent and filling them up with artificial greenery and foliage.

Vertical Gardens

The best part about the dresser gardens filled with artificial succulent plants is that you can keep them in the dark corners or empty spaces of any part of your house. Watch your spaces light up instantly once you add the vertical dresser garden.

Portable Wooden Box Gardens

Who doesn’t like to have the option to move things around at a moment’s notice? Why should your breathtaking artificial vertical gardens be any different? If portability is your top priority, you can create a gorgeous garden that can be relocated in no time. Attach a few wheels to a wooden boxed planter with a wired frame on the top.

With the help of the wheel, you can move it around as much as you wish. And the wired frame gives you the freedom to create the fake vertical garden of your imagination. Whether you wish to set up planters along the frame or want to have some fun with artificial vines, the choice is yours.

Hex-Wire Vertical Gardens

Hex-wire vertical gardens are as minimalistic as it gets, but don’t let their simplicity and subtle design fool you. The hex-wire frames hold fantastic potential for creating artificial vertical gardens. If you can’t find space anywhere else in your spaces, something as simple as a hex-wire frame can get you going.

The hex-wire frames are the perfect base to hook up terra-cotta pots, planters or any other upcycled planters you can think of. You can create a lush, green artificial vertical garden for yourself by erecting a frame in the space you got or making the most of the hex-wire fencing surrounding your yard.

Small-space Balcony Railings Gardens

If you aren’t able to make room anywhere in your house, why not head out to your balcony? A few well-placed pots and some hanging baskets or planters on a rustic frame create a small-space vertical garden apt for your balconies or patios.

Potted Artificial Plant Wall

With the help of a few wooden boards with appropriate holes in them, you can hang potted plants vertically and string them up with ropes. Make sure you secure them in their place with the help of brackets and zip ties. Plus, you can give your potted artificial plant wall a boho vibe using crochets or macrame.

Stacking Wooden Boxes

It goes without saying that vertical gardens are made by stacking plants one above the other. The part where you get to show your creativity is how you stack them up. Using wooden boxes, you can make all kinds of structures to create artificial vertical gardens that suit your taste.

Stack them up alternatively, or cut through them once you have a perfect grid to make space for your artificial flowering plant and shrubs. There are innumerable ways in which you can figure this arrangement out.

Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter

The best thing about pyramid planters is that their angular shape allows you to scoot them into nooks and cronies where no other planter can be accommodated. You can create pyramid planters of your own with as many tiers as you want.

That’s another exciting aspect of the pyramid garden planters, and you can create miniature landscapes and gardens of your choice with the help of the multi-tiered arrangement. Setting up artificial vines, succulents, and other greenery in different tiers can give you different aesthetically pleasing fake vertical gardens.

Mini-Greenhouse for the Stay-at-Home Green Thumb

Among other ideas, terrariums are a surefire way to create fabulous, eye-catching small garden spaces at home. You can use any kind of discarded container, whether it’s glass or plastic. As long as it’s transparent, it will do. These terrariums are made with the help of artificial succulents and other ornamental artificial plants that mimic the look of a mini greenhouse.

artificial flowering plants

Once you have enough terrariums, you can create an artificial vertical garden. Hanging them from the roof with the help of thin strings gives you a floating vertical garden in the air. Else, you can stack them up on your shelves and frames or attach them to the walls.

Spruce Up Your Spaces With Designer Vertical Gardens

Most of the ideas listed above can help you spruce up your spaces, both indoors and outdoors. But these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities you can access with artificial greenery. If you wish to make your spaces more lively and vibrant, don’t refrain from seeking help from the experts.

We take immense pride in our products' quality and durability at Designer Vertical Gardens. In addition to being one of the leading artificial plant suppliers across Australia, we also help our customers create the gardens of their dreams. As the name suggests, we are Designers.

Whether you wish to create a masterpiece independently with the help of our ultra-realistic artificial vertical gardens or require assistance to create bespoke panels suited to your taste, we can do it all.

Call us at 1800 617 341 or drop an email at sales@designerverticalgardens.com.au for more information.

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