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Artificial Plants, Trees & Green Walls in Melbourne


Create Beautiful Artificial Vertical Gardens With Beautiful Artificial Plants and Trees in Melbourne

Artificial plants and trees are getting increasingly popular across Australia for decorating indoor and outdoor spaces. At Designer Vertical Garden, we have a stunning range of artificial plants, trees and walls that inspires you to create a beautiful vertical garden in Melbourne. Our life-like plants are preferred choices for many of Melbourne's leading commercial and residential property owners.

The Most Realistic Collection of Artificial Plants

We have the most attractive collection of artificial plants in Melbourne. We have you covered whether you want to make your living room, kitchen, and other spaces look stunning and lively or enhance your commercial space's aesthetics. Our new range of fake plants includes small plants and shrubs, stems and garlands, hanging plants, and topiary plants. These natural-looking plants are available in various sizes. In addition, they are made from recyclable materials using both RealTex and UVtex treatment.


Place Your Order for Artificial Trees in Melbourne

Our latest collection of artificial trees in Melbourne includes a variety of colours, styles, sizes, and themes to add required aesthetic elements to your home, office, or commercial property. We have fake trees that can be placed indoors and outdoors and require minimum maintenance and ongoing care. Our collection of natural-like trees includes big trees, bamboos, tropical trees, cypress trees, ferns and palms, fiddle figs, outdoor trees, and indoor trees.

Aesthetically Pleasing Artificial Green Walls in Melbourne

Our artificial green walls in Melbourne are trendy as they perfectly replicate nature and help you create a welcoming and lively environment. In addition, they are more affordable compared to natural green walls and last for a longer time, without any hassles. Our collection of fake green walls includes vertical gardens, green wall discs, hedge panels, moss walls, portable hedge, and ivy rolls and panels.

We also provide accessories that help you conveniently create artificial greenery at your property. You can place your order for hanging pots, planter boxes, stands and other plant accessories such as installation equipment and UV spray.
fiddle leaf fake plant

100% Maintenance-free | Fade-resistant | Easy to install

Long-lasting and UV Resistant Vertical Garden. You can create the perfect urban oasis with its crisp, clean, romantic and inspiring design.
Highly Life-like and Permanent Vertical Garden. Use them for events, product shoots, wedding photo walls, or simply transform your home and outside space.
DIY Installation & No-Maintenance. This fake vertical wall garden looks good all year round, with no maintenance, watering or stress required. It's the water-wise and sustainable choice that improves your lifestyle and environment. 

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    Well Established & Reputable

    Well Established & Reputable

    Our family run company has global expertise and clients - renowned for quality around the world we have supplied over 20+ different countries and some of the largest businesses in the world.

    Certified & Accredited

    Certified & Accredited

    Our manufacturing facilities perform at the highest global standards, with certifications in quality management, OH&S & Environmental Management ISO standards.

    Exceptional Support

    Exceptional Support

    Our dedicated team of staff are qualified specialists in customer service, global supply chain management, design and production management. If you ever need after-care support, pre-production inquiries or simply want design advice we are ready to assist.


    Certainly! To enhance realism, consider dusting the leaves regularly, arranging them naturally, and placing them in stylish, realistic planters. These easy steps can greatly improve the look of your artificial plants.

    Absolutely! Our artificial plants in Melbourne are crafted to endure the city's weather fluctuations. Whether it's a hot summer day or a cool winter evening, these plants maintain their vibrant appearance without fading or wilting.

    Selecting the perfect artificial plants for your space depends on factors like lighting, room size, and your personal style. Opt for low-light plants if your home lacks natural sunlight, and consider various sizes and types to create a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.

    Our artificial plants are made from non-toxic materials, ensuring they are safe for indoor use in your Melbourne home. You can appreciate the beauty of greenery without concerns about health risks.

    Artificial plants have a long lifespan. You can replace or update them based on personal preference or if you want to refresh the look of your Melbourne home. They generally require minimal maintenance.

    Arranging artificial plants is generally easy. Expect flexibility in styling, allowing you to experiment with different arrangements and placements to achieve the desired look in your Melbourne home.

    Factors like direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or heavy handling may contribute to damage. Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh conditions and handle your artificial plants with care to minimise the risk of damage in your Melbourne home.