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Bring The Outdoors Inside With Our Stunning Range Of Artificial Plants And Trees In Darwin

Artificial plants are the new factor for creating an immersive outdoor space. Designer Vertical Garden has a stunning range of life-like artificial trees, green walls and other greenery that will transform your indoors or outdoors without any fuss!
Many commercial property owners in Darwin prefer our beautiful designs; they want their indoor garden to look like you're outside on a summer's day, whether there is sunshine shining through those windows or not.

Darwin's Best Collection Of Artificial Plants

Darwin is known for its lush, verdant landscape. But during the dry season, when the rain stops and the sun sets early, the landscape withers and dies. Enter the Artificial Plant range from Designer Vertical Garden, and buy from Darwin's best collection of artificial plants.
Designer Vertical Gardens has hundreds of different artificial plants, ranging from common household varieties to more exotic species. And they're not just your average fake plants, either- these are high-quality silk replicas that look and feel authentic.
So whether you're looking to spruce up your home or office during the dry season, or you just want to create a year-round oasis, Artificial Vertical Garden has everything you need.


Artificial Trees- The Perfect Way To Spruce Up Your Home Or Office Space

Looking for a unique way to groom your home or office space? Check out our selection of artificial trees with Designer Vertical Gardens. Our fake trees are made from the highest quality materials and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any taste.
Our vertical gardens are a great way to add some extra colour and life to your walls. Order your artificial trees and vertical gardens today and give your space a refreshing new look.

Green Your Walls With Artificial Greenery

Give your home a fresh new look with our range of artificial green walls. These creative designs are perfect for creating the right ambience in any space, no matter how big or small! Our selection includes vertical gardens that will create an eye-catching green wall on either side.
Hedge panels covered in lush mosses and vines which can be rolled up when not needed - they're portable too, so you'll never have trouble finding somewhere safe to store them away during harsh weather conditions.

We offer an array of accessories to help you conveniently create artificial greenery at your property. You can order hanging pots, planter boxes and stands and installation equipment for plants like the UV spray that require special care in the sunlight!

Easy Installation:

Easy to install, long-lasting and UV resistant. You can create the perfect urban oasis with its crisp, clean romantic design that is highly life-like! These gardens are not only beautiful, but they're also practical.
There is no need for maintenance or watering as it's self-sustainable and improves your lifestyle in countless ways- from creating stunning event spaces or adding some greenery to dull home décor. It doesn’t get better than this, so don't wait another minute before grabbing one today. 
    Kindly browse through our new collection, and place your order today.

    For more details, reach us at sales@designerverticalgardens.com.au or call us at 1800 960 565.



    Well Established & Reputable

    Well Established & Reputable

    Our family run company has global expertise and clients - renowned for quality around the world we have supplied over 20+ different countries and some of the largest businesses in the world.

    Certified & Accredited

    Certified & Accredited

    Our manufacturing facilities perform at the highest global standards, with certifications in quality management, OH&S & Environmental Management ISO standards.

    Exceptional Support

    Exceptional Support

    Our dedicated team of staff are qualified specialists in customer service, global supply chain management, design and production management. If you ever need after-care support, pre-production inquiries or simply want design advice we are ready to assist.