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Best Artificial Plants For Your Workplace

Best Artificial Plants For Your Workplace - Designer Vertical Gardens

We can all agree that working in general is hard and stress-inducing. Many professionals work at a corporate day job, some work from home while others spend most of their time coped up at the workplace (rather than where they would like to be). Staying in the same dull and lifeless space for hours on end while working full-time can sometimes take its toll. It even adds to the stress thus affecting one’s productivity and efficiency. 

There are things that can be done to a simple workspace to somewhat help alleviate the stress employees may feel overtime. Even small things can make a huge difference. Adding plants for example, is a great and quick solution to add color, design, and texture to a space. It changes the room’s ambiance rather instantly and brings a much-needed life with its natural feel. But who’s got the time and energy to tend to these plants if your workload is already maxed out, and you barely have time even for a quick bite? I would rather have a plain and dull space instead of one with wilted and dying plants all around. It is just depressing. That is where artificial plants or fake plants for some come in handy! 

It is the perfect substitute for real live plants. Artificial plants can give the same natural feel and ambiance to your workplace without all the hassle of watering, trimming, etc. It’s a low-cost maintenance for a maximum effect. 

Here are some of the best artificial plants, artificial trees and green walls  to choose from that can help bring out that much needed life into your workspace:

Artificial Peace Lily Flowering (White) 

This artificial plant is best to be placed on top of a desk or a drawer to really bring out its nature-like effect. With its artificial but abundant foliage topped off with its white flower petals, it is sure to bring your workspace to a whole new level!

Artificial Peace Lily















Artificial Areca Palm Black Tree 

A great artificial tree piece to be placed in the corners of a room. With its tall vertical leaves, it instantly gives additional texture to the room. This sturdy plant sits on top of a black pot that can be carried around easily

Artificial Areca Palm

Artificial Palm Tree 

Some workers prefer a slightly larger plant to fill out a room. These artificial palm trees may do the job. With its full-on green leaves pointing in different directions, it will surely give off a tropical vibe in your area that you can enjoy with visitors or with colleagues.

Artificial Palm Tree

Artificial Potted Split Philodendron (Monstera) 

Real Philodendron Monstera is quite popular with plant enthusiasts with its full-on foliage and overall look. Its beauty comes with a price as it is a high-maintenance plant. Good news for all the busy bees out there who have not got the time nor the energy to tend to these plants yet want to experience the same effect it brings to the room, our Artificial Potted Split Philodendron Monstera is made to look like a real one without the hassle of tending to it regularly. With its sturdy base, it can easily sit on the floor. 

Artificial Split Philodendron (Monstera)

Artificial Grass Plant

This grass is perfect for going into planters to create a barrier between the balustrade and sitting area in an office for a little privacy. The rich vibrant green color of the artificial grass is accentuated greatly and adds a great deal of life to the space. It is an eye-catcher for sure.

Dense Artificial Grass Plant

Artificial Potted Fern 

With its lifelike foliage and sturdy pot, this artificial plant can be put on floors or on top of the tables. With several varieties of artificial potted ferns from handy ones to big sizes, you can definitely find one that would be perfect for your area. It can accommodate any spaces you need to be filled with greeneries.

Artificial Potted Fern

White Lily Artificial Vertical Garden Plant Panel

Green Wall vertical garden looks good all year round with no maintenance, watering or stress required. It’s the water-wise and sustainable choice that improves one's lifestyle and environment. The White Lily Artificial Vertical Garden Plant Panel is perfect for turning dreary, bland spaces that plain depress no matter what you do into lively and motivating workspace. It’ll captivate everyone’s attention by putting an exceptional twist on decor.

White Oasis Green Wall Panel

Yellow Tongue Artificial Plant

This yellow colored leaf plant is sure to get anyone’s attention. Placed on a sturdy black pot, it is best placed on floors. It is a great artificial plant to add a pop of colour and dynamic in any workspace.

Yellow Tongue Artificial Plant

With our extensive range of Artificial Plants, Fake Trees and Artificial Green Walls we surely have something perfect for your space and are suitable for your needs.

Contact us to find out more about how Artificial Plants can transform your space for a more productive and prosperous year.

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