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Bring Your Home’s Balcony to Life with Artificial Green Walls

Bring Your Home’s Balcony to Life with Artificial Green Walls - Designer Vertical Gardens

Living in an apartment or at a stand-alone property without the right levels of green could make your living environment rather dull.

If you want to enhance your apartment’s balcony, the passageway to rooms in your home, or if your entranceway needs a face-lift, we have the right artificial green solution for you. Our Artificial Green Walls are available in several types and sizes and are easy to install.

The possibilities of applying our Artificial Green Walls are endless. High-quality materials, exclusive design patterns and ease of installation make our products accessible under a wide range of budgets while offering versatility for every nook and corner of your home.

artificial green wall in balcony

How to Install an Artificial Green Wall?

Putting up an Artificial Green Wall at any place in or around your home only requires screws or cable ties in place to hold these lightweight panels.

If you wish to install artificial green walls on a fence or a wall with existing screws, tie them up with cable ties to hold them in place. For walls without existing screws, we recommend the following methods:

  • Use nylon nail plugs for Concrete and Stone Walls. If you live in a rented apartment and aren’t sure about drilling holes into your wall, we recommend fixing a sheet of plywood to the wall using liquid nails (or similar)fixing plywood with timber screws hammered into the wall.
  • Use timber screws Hammer in timber screws for Timber based walls for ease of installation.
  • When it comes to Plasterboard or Gyprock, fix our Artificial Green Walls directly to the wall with masonry screws.
  • For Wire Fences, tie in place firmly with cable ties.
  • Consider drilling holes and using cable ties for all other Wooden Surfaces like colorbond fences, as this tends to be a rust-free and safe installation method.

Why Should You Choose Artificial Green Walls?

Our lives and those of the people around us have become increasingly time-constrained. Additionally, our homes have become smaller and more practical. While all of this adds to the image of modern living situations, we have natural tendencies that need to be taken care of. One of the biggest ones is that the sight of natural green colours keeps us energised yet calm and brings a sense of liveliness to our living spaces.

So, why would one choose to install Artificial Green Walls instead of natural plants?

  • There are practically no maintenance costs. An occasional wipe down with a wet cloth brings back the original shine of these artificial green walls.
  • The initial investment is low, meaning you could choose to bring greenness to multiple parts of your home.
  • Water, pesticides, sunlight and fertilisers are not required.
  • Artificial or Fake plants do not cause allergic reactions and can be kept immaculately clean throughout.
  • Beyond the refined aesthetic qualities of artificial green walls, they provide privacy from neighbours and passers-by.

If you’d like to know more about our Artificial Green Walls, contact us today for personalised tips.

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