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Choosing the best faux plant for each room in your home

Choosing the best faux plant for each room in your home - Designer Vertical Gardens

Many people  are now becoming more  aware of the beauty plants bring into a home. Plants have numerous amazing characteristics to help humans prosper in more ways. But if you can’t keep up or lack the innate ability to keep real plants alive, artificial plants are godsend alternatives.
And because of it’s popularity there is now a wide range of artificial plants out there to choose from.
Here’s a list of how to choose the best faux plant for each room in your home.

Living Room

Living room is a busy family space, it’s one where you’ll spend the most time.
This is also one  of the first rooms your guests will experience when entering your home. It’s important to select an artificial plant that will provide impact and relaxing vibe. By adding some flowers and greenery, it will help make a statement and  will give more life into your room. In styling with artificial plants you should also be aware where they would fit in your living room’s interior decoration.
Ficus, fiddle trees, ferns, and succulents are one of the best options as they create some contrast with textures  in contemporary sitting room where all the furniture and decor is sleek and glamorous.


artificial faux plants in living room
artificial faux plants in living room


Artificial plants are great centrepiece for your bathroom.
It makes a statement and  provides a relaxed natural element to a more upscale interior style. If you have a white painted bathroom, it will easily be seen. Adding the right artificial plants, decorations and design will make your bathroom look like an awesome spa. Bamboo plants, orchids, grass plants will enliven your bathroom and makes a stylish difference.

artificial faux plants in bathroom
artificial faux plants in bathroom


Using faux plants and trees in your bedroom will give the atmosphere a feeling of softness, sophistication and relaxation. It is also a good choice if you have allergies and don’t have time to keep up maintaining the real one.
Potted zanzibars, orchids, bamboos and palm trees gives a beautifully fresh, clean and calming feel which makes for a serene and comfortable bedroom.
They are perfect for bringing positive vibes while you work, relax, or sleep.

artificial faux plants in living room
artificial faux plants in bedroom

Study Area

To boost productivity and concentration your study area need to be  private, quiet and free from disturbance and stress. Artificial plants can help you achieve this in your area. They are popular mood-boosters and makes a workspace look better.
Succulents and other small desk plants are visually appealing for your study area.

artificial faux plants in study area
artificial faux plants on work table


There are some elements in the kitchen that are not visually appealing and the best way to hide them is by incorporating faux plants.
Artificial plants is easy and  adds refreshing color and will complement your kitchen.The amazingly refreshing green plants will stand out from the white or brown walls or cabinets of your kitchen. Tall green trees such as Palm or Bamboo trees will also good in spacious kitchen interiors. You can also use some hanging basket plants as a ceiling accessory.

artificial faux plants in kitchen
artificial faux plants in kitchen

Artificial plants are no fuss, no maintenance and are a great way to style your interiors. They also don't have to be positioned in direct sunlight, and can be used to brighten up any room where real plants would not survive. You can also reposition them and style them in various kinds. With a greener home you can inspire creativity, positivity and  boost moods to yield strong and healthy family life.
Transform your space from drab to dream by using our artificial plants. Check out our wide range of artificial plants here.

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