Lemon Leaf Artificial Hedge Panel / Fake Vertical Garden 1m x 1m UV Resistant

$120.95 $79.95

Create the perfect looking natural backdrop in minutes. A life-like evergreen vertical garden that will never need watering! Superb colours complimented with a stunning mix of greens and yellows. 

  • Instant privacy & beauty for you and your family 
  • Highly life-like evergreen foliage 
  • Easily customised for any situation (DIY)


Artificial hedge panels inspired by nature | Instant Beauty to Cover-Up Eyesores | Instant Privacy | No watering, shaping or pruning required

  • Our bestselling Lemon Leaf artificial plant fence panels bring a touch of the Tuscan sun anywhere they are installed. A wonderful and classic way to cover up unsightly walls and get privacy without the worry of watering, fertilising and maintenance. 
  • The intense greens and vibrant yellows of the Lemon Leaf artificial hedge fence panel immediately enhance your space. Big and beautiful leaves give it a naturalistic look that will impress (and fool) all who see it.
  • This fake vertical wall garden is UV treated to stand up to the harshest sun. With a zero fuss instillation and zero fuss upkeep it saves you from the stresses, money and time that live plants take.

There’s something timeless about a Mediterranean vibe that instantly soothes the senses and relaxes the soul. No wonder it’s a popular design choice for homeowners and gardeners looking to create a space where they can escape the worries of everyday life.

But growing your own Mediterranean plants such as lemon leaves and trees bring about their own stresses. You have to make sure they have enough light, water, food and space to flourish, and there’s also pruning, shaping and pests to consider.

Our Lemon Leaf outdoor artificial green wall panels are a godsend for those not blessed with a green thumb, space or time to maintain. Installing these as part of a vertical garden design, lets you enjoy their beauty without the hassles associated with live plants. It transforms the feel of your outside space instantly with foliage so realistic it’ll fool your friends. Once it’s up, it requires no ongoing maintenance or water to keep on looking good.

The UV treatment makes it sun and weather proof so you can use it inside and outside in spaces large or small. Try it in places where plants refuse to grow, or to brighten up an otherwise dull room or corridor. he high quality backing is easy to cut and shape, making this the ideal artificial hedge. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - this is the gardening product you’ve been dreaming of!

Laurel Leaf Artificial Hedge Panel / Fake Vertical Garden
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