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bushy artificial olive tree with pot
potted artificial olive tree
artificial olive tree leaves and olives

Artificial Olive Tree with Olives 180cm - Highly Realistic & Bushy

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Our Artificial Bushy Olive Tree With Olives 180cm makes an impressive statement in any outdoor space or garden. It’s perfect for those dull, dreary areas where real plants just refuse to grow. It also adds a sophisticated touch of the Mediterranean to your home.

The extra-dense foliage and life-like dense crop of olives create an attractive and realistic feature when positioned by itself. Alternatively, you might like to combine this olive tree with some of our other artificial plant varieties to design a complete maintenance-free garden area, or simply to help screen an ugly area or fence.

A small travel planter box is provided for your convenience and immediate use. Otherwise, you may like to re-pot this tree into something more decorative to create a bolder statement piece or to coordinate with the rest of your space. You could easily also plant it directly into your garden bed.

At 180cm high, and approximately 80cm wide, it does come with one small disadvantage – your friends may not believe you when you tell them this plant isn’t real.

Artificial Bushy Olive Tree Details & Features

Colour: Mixed Greens and Browns
Pot: 120cm across & 17cm high
Approx Size: 90cm wide x 180cm high
Recommended Use: Indoors
Cleaning Process: Use a dry cloth wipe the leaves
Approx Weight: 7kg (approx)