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80cm 'Tropical Green' Vertical Garden Disc - Artificial green walls and fake plants
80cm 'Tropical Green' Vertical Garden Disc - Artificial green walls and fake plants
80cm 'Tropical Green' Vertical Garden Disc - Artificial green walls and fake plants
green wall plant discs in a backyard setting
fake green wall disc on a pool fence

80cm Tropical Green Vertical Garden Artificial Plants Disc Panel

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Artificial vertical garden wall disc - a unique, custom designed green work of art for the concrete jungle! 100% maintenance free, fade resistant & easy to install

  • This 80cm vertical fake garden wall disc brings a tropical jungle feel to your house. It features a custom designed combination of plants, stems, grasses chosen for their lush and vibrant greenery.
  • Each disc is hand-assembled to make the vertical garden design as life-like as possible. It comes with the choice of an onyx black or pure white frame to set the design off beautifully, and make it easy to install.
  • These fake vertical wall garden discs showcase the beauty of nature without the need for watering or maintenance. UV treated so you can use them to transform your space both inside and outside.


Having plants is a great way to change the look of your home and office. You may have thought about getting some for yourself, but then remembered they need lots of care and attention. Do you really have the time to water and feed them? Or perhaps you do, but lack a green thumb?


Using artificial plants instead of real ones gives you all the benefits without the downsides. Our tropical green disc will create an urban oasis feel in your home.  It features the very best of artificial garden wall plant design - a combination of life-like plants that are impossible to tell from the real thing. Except there’s no worry of accidentally killing it by forgetting to water or feed it. The picture perfect look you’re going for without any of the fuss.


This artificial vertical garden wall panel combines different shades of tropical green using grasses, stems, and plants. The all over vibrant green colour makes any wall ‘pop’ with life. The easy to install panels are designed to work on their own, or grouped together for a truly WOW impact. Let your creativity run free, and have some fun as you see your space transform! Pair them with different shapes, sizes and flower combinations.  


UV treatment makes it suitable for outside use too, providing instant evergreen beauty. Install the disc as an outdoor artificial green wall to maximise space, privacy and noise reduction.