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Commercial Pots

Decorative Large Modern Grey Round Planter 71cm - Designer Vertical Gardens Pots
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Decorative Large Modern Grey Round Planter 71cm

$349.95  $499.95

Decorative Large Textured Round White Planter 71cm - Designer Vertical Gardens Pots
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Decorative Large Textured Round White Planter 71cm

$349.95  $499.95

Tall Tapered Square Planter 70cm


Decorative Large Textured Round Black Planter 71cm


Finding the Perfect Commercial Pot

Choosing the right commercial pots for plants  is like choosing a home for yourself that is stylish, modern and exquisite. It must bring any space you put it in together and must adhere to the design of the room and not against it. 

With all the available modern commercial planters and commercial flower pots out in the market, finding the perfect piece can be overwhelming. 

To help you get started and to serve as a guide in the selection process, always consider these following pointers: 

  1. The use - identifying its purpose is the best way to start. Are you repurposing? Are you decorating, highlighting a space? Or utilizing? Knowing the use of the plant will lead you to decide what you really need.

  2. The size - The size should matter especially when choosing a pot. If you have enough space, a large pot is best to be considered. A series of commercial flower pots could also be an option. Be careful not to overdo the number of commercial pots in any given space otherwise it can get too much.
  1. The material - Invest in sustainable, durable, and strong kinds of pots that aren’t just eco-friendly but are exceptionally high-quality recycled materials that exceed the most traditional pots. Concrete, stones, marbles, and plastics are some of the materials available. But for a pot that doesn't easily chip, crack, or break? Plastic is the best way to go.
  1. The appearance - Probably the most important pointer to consider. It’s a culmination of the first three points above. The outside appearance can vary from simple to aesthetic to edgy. The pots texture, color, design or decoration adds one space's modishness and should be amplifying the ambience and giving out the vibes. Keeping these pointers in mind can make the daunting task of finding that perfect masterpiece for any space you have seem less overwhelming.

At Designer Vertical Gardens we made our pots and planters using Earth friendly and family safe materials. It can give you the following:

  • Aesthetically pleasing to enhance any space
  • Designed to ensure longevity and durability
  • Indoors or outdoors, you can use artificial or living plants in them

If you need help in getting the perfect pots and planters for your plants, send us a message.

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