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Sample -Wild Tropics Vertical Garden Panel (25cm x 25cm) - Artificial green walls and fake plants
Sample -Wild Tropics Vertical Garden Panel (25cm x 25cm)

Sample -Wild Tropics Vertical Garden Panel (25cm x 25cm)

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Made of a dense mixture of different types of high quality artificial foliage that are carefully designed and crafted to meet high standard expectations of interior designers, architects, landscapers, homemakers and decorators.
The Wild Tropics is the perfect mix of unique , exotic and beautiful greeneries that can only be found in the wild.

These beautiful and exotic panels are perfect for indoors or out, and super easy to install. Interlocking panels fit any size area. Alternatively, they can be cut along the grid and the back to make them as small as you desire. Due to the lush nature of the vertical garden they are more fragile than some of the other screens, and you may need to cable tie on the stems (grasses, and branches) in high wind areas.

25cm x 25cm of pure Vertical Garden goodness to help you decide the Vertical Garden of your dreams.

Please note: Samples will vary