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Flowering & Tropical Trees

Flowering Pink Artificial Camellia Tree 180cm - Designer Vertical Gardens Flowering plants vertical garden artificial plants
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Flowering Pink Artificial Camellia Tree 180cm

$249.95  $399.95

Faux Flowering Red Multi Cane Artificial Dracaena 167cm


Faux Potted Magnolia Tree with Pink Flowers 250cm - Designer Vertical Gardens Articial Trees artificial green wall sydney
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Faux Potted Magnolia Tree with Pink Flowers 250cm

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Artificial Tropical Trees & Faux Flowering Plants

Liven up your space with the tropical vibes of our Artificial Tropical Trees with a variety of leaves, trunks, flowering options and sizes. Enjoy the exotic and relaxing feel they bring without the hassle of maintaining a real plant.

Designed to replicate the real outdoor tropical plants, these products are carefully and skillfully crafted to impress. Standing at large sizes- these fake outdoor and indoor tropical plants are perfect for displaying in a living room or any corner to brighten up the space. The life-like leaves give a full look to your plant that looks good in any environment.

Fill even the largest of spaces with our Premium Artificial Tropical Trees. These synthetic potted trees stand between sizes of 100cm to 250cm. These trees feature multiple stems that are bursting with a thick display of foliage in various shapes and shades of green. They can easily give a nature-filled ambience to any lacklustre room.

Great to get for yourself or as a house gift for others!

The various types of Artificial Outdoor Tropical Plants we have:

Artificial Leafy Plants

A superb collection of handmade artificial trees with stunning artificial foliage which looks just like the real thing, just without the work or maintenance. If you are looking for trees that exude luxury and quality, look no further.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a modern, and high-impact artificial tree that compliments any home interior. The slender trunk and multi-tone foliage makes the fake plants a top choice for any space and looks amazing when potted into a decorative planter.

We have a distinct variety of artificial leafy plants such as the Bushy Artificial Ficus Trees 

With Black Trunks in the size of 140cm and 160cm, Split Philodendron at 120cm, Pond Leaf Plant, Artificial Money Plants of multiple varieties and sizes, Artificial Potted Oak Tree and Flaming Zebra and many more for you to choose from online. 

Artificial Palm Tree Varieties

Designer Vertical Garden’s artificial tropical palms are perfect not only indoors, but are also weather-resistant and look amazing potted up into a decorative pot outdoors. They are suitable for adding an elegant tropical feel to home and office spaces. 

These superb hand-crafted replica palm trees are designed to impress neighbours, friends and family. Designed to impress and provide you with a tropical look that requires no ongoing watering, maintenance or fertiliser. Our UV resistant Tropical palm trees are grown throughout the world to symbolise wealth, success and grandeur.


Our artificial palm trees are premium quality made using top quality silks, plastic to ensure their foliage continues to look lush and healthy for many years.

Where can I use this palm tree?

These Artificial Palm trees are a very flexible product that compliments many environments, and designs. Whether you are going for a contemporary or traditional look, these trees can complement both styles with equal measure! Ideal for office environments, conference rooms, swimming pool areas, conservatories, inside and outside homes, and much more!

Our Palm trees include the Artificial Areca Palm Black Trunks of 190cm, Potted Areca Palm Tree of 120cm, Potted Artificial Palm Tree (Mountain Palm) of 100cm, a Faux Fishtail Palm Tree of 160cm, an Artificial Kentia Palm Tree of 150cm and an Outdoor Artificial Tropical Phoenix Palm of 170cm.

Artificial Bamboo Plants

Make your foyer, hallway, doors and any space pop with tropical greenery by adding Artificial Japanese Bamboo Trees. These make the perfect plants and aesthetics without wasting exorbitant amounts of money on maintenance.

Suitable for outdoors and an excellent solution to your landscaping needs.

The variety we stock includes Artificial Bamboo with Black Trunk of 180cm and 210cm, Artificial Bamboo with Natural Trunk of 150cm and 180cm and an Artificial Bamboo Green Trunk variety that is UV resistant of size 180cm.

Artificial Bamboo Features:  

  • Realistic artificial leaves
  • Stunning black natural bamboo cane
  • Green color for years to come and beautiful and effectively durable even under harsh sunlight or inclement weather conditions.
  • Cleaning Instructions: Use a low powered water sprayer and cloth

Artificial Flowering Varieties 

The artificial flowering trees are an exceptional choice for anyone who loves a touch of colour, and wants a striking no-maintenance plant for home or the office.

These charming flowering faux plants are a superb choice for anyone who loves a touch of colour. With delicate colourful flowers and lovely nearly natural green leaves, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell them apart from the living plant. Each artificial flowering plant has been handmade to create a stunning decorative master-piece.

Our varieties include the Artificial Bird Of Paradise Plant of 110cm, Potted Artificial Magnolia Tree of 180cm, Faux Potted Magnolia Tree with Stunning White Flowers of 130cm, Artificial Potted Lemon Tree with Lemons of 150cm and Faux Potted Magnolia Tree with Pink Flowers of 250cm.

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