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Beautifying the Backyard Wall Utilising Artificial Green Wall Panels and Ferns

Designer Vertical Gardens recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Mr Thach Ly in the transformation of his backyard wall, which was rather dull and lifeless. With a total budget of $1200, the plan was to cover the entire wall using our exquisite artificial green wall panels and tastefully arranged artificial green ferns.

He had been dreaming up ideas for months about making his outdoor area stand out from the rest. And we offered him just the perfect solution. This case study will explain the process of how we helped to turn his dreams into reality.


Client’s Vision

Before the transformation, Mr Ly's backyard wall was devoid of any vegetation or life, except for the occasional spider or ant passing through. He wanted to transform this boring space into something far more interesting and visually appealing. His goal? To create a sense of cosiness for his family when they gathered together outdoors, all while giving him a greater sense of privacy among the neighbours who shared their backyards by installing an artificial green wall.


The Challenges

While this project was certainly doable, there were some key challenges the Designer Vertical Gardens team faced when it came to making Mr Ly's vision become reality. There were space constraints on either side of the wall, which meant our artificial hedge panels could not be too wide and spread out but still had to provide enough coverage for the desired result.


Designer Vertical Gardens’ Solution

After much deliberation, we decided to use our artificial green wall panels and artificial green wall ferns to create the perfect hedge. Our Luxury Deluxe Buxus Hedge Panels provided the structure and coverage needed to create a beautiful hedge while our Mediterranean Fern Vertical Garden and Luxury Country Fern Recycled Vertical Garden added an extra layer of texture and depth. This combination of products allowed us to create a stunning, lush green wall that perfectly matched Mr Ly’s vision.


The Design & Installation

We drew up a concept plan for him based on his preferences, including a design featuring five wall sections. The middle section featured our Luxury Country Fern Recycled Vertical Garden for an eye-catching centrepiece, while the top and bottom, along with two sections on either side, were covered in luxuriously textured Luxury Deluxe Buxus Hedge Panels and Mediterranean Fern Vertical Garden for a lush, green backdrop. 

The process began with the installation of the Luxury Deluxe Buxus Hedge Panels and Mediterranean Fern Vertical Garden, which are designed to be easy to install and require no extra assembly. Each panel was marked to size and then fixed securely to the wall using clips that clamp them together for a seamless fit. This feature was especially important to Mr Thach Ly as he wanted an aesthetically pleasing finish that concealed any gaps between the panels – something this installation method ensures. Moreover, if any issues arise with a panel, it can be quickly and effortlessly removed without causing damage to the wall or any surrounding panels.


The Results

The outcome surpassed Mr Ly’s expectations, turning his backyard wall into a stunning visual masterpiece. The decision to opt for a fake green wall offered a range of benefits that aligned perfectly with his vision.

  • Instant Privacy and Greenery: The installation of an artificial green wall provided instant privacy, transforming the backyard into a secluded retreat.
  • Low Maintenance: The artificial green wall ferns and panels do not require watering, trimming, or spraying, providing a convenient solution to Mr Ly's busy lifestyle.
  • Year-Round Beauty: The UV-resistant properties of the panels ensured year-round colour, texture, and beauty, regardless of the harsh Australian sun.
  • Customisation and Adaptability: The versatility of our artificial hedge panels allowed for easy customisation, fitting Mr Ly's unique space requirements effortlessly.

Project Details:

  • Client: Mr Thach Ly
  • Budget: $1,200
  • Team: Designer Vertical Gardens Experts
  • Property Type: Residential
  • Location: Footscray, VIC
  • Products Used:
    • Luxury Deluxe Buxus Hedge Panels (4 pieces)
    • Mediterranean Fern Vertical Garden (5 pieces)
    • Luxury Country Fern Recycled Vertical Garden (1 piece)