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Pool-side transformation - Luxury in minutes

Artificial Green Wall Discs Installation at a Pool Area in a Multi-Million Dollar Home

The Client

A major bespoke luxury home builder worked with us for the final touches of a multi-million dollar home.
As a provider of premium quality, high end designed residential spaces they incorporate materials that are contemporary and unique. They want to provide a personalized service to create the dream home of their clients according to their preferences and lifestyle.

The Project

They needed to add more value and an instant wow factor for people buying the house.
They wanted to create an incredible pool area that is uniquely appealing, a perfect setting for relaxation and a great place to hold events, truly a luxurious experience for the resident.
Opting to use artificial plants and green wall is a great option as they stay in shape and look beautiful no matter the season. They are discouraged to use real plants as it  requires attention and care, fertilisers, sunlight, trimming and might die easily.



The Product

Amongst our wide range of Artificial Plants and Vertical Gardens they selected our stunning and modern looking Green Wall discs. The discs look lifelike, almost indistinguishable from the real plants. Tropical Green' Vertical Garden Disc is perfect for the pool area as it brightens the space without too much colour. It serves as a stunning masterpiece that is noticeable and accentuated the pool area amongst the space of the beautiful home.
They selected the biggest size in our range which is 100 cm that compliments the whole space. The foliage is UV treated so they won’t worry about fading and cracking. 
And the best part? It's just so easy to attach to the wall like you hang a mirror or a picture frame.


The Solution

Designer Vertical Gardens Green Wall Discs are the perfect piece for any wall. Brand new to the Australian Market, all of these pieces are custom designed by our  team - you won't find these styles anywhere else. Green Walls Discs are the perfect statement for any space.

Each disc is carefully crafted for hours. They are made of high quality plastic stems and flowers inserted individually into a weather proof foam encased in a durable metal disk in either white or black. The foliage is not tacky and UV treated that is guaranteed to last for years to come. 


Customer: Luxury Home Builder
Budget: less than $3000
Product and Service: Installation of 100cm 'Tropical Green' Vertical Garden Disc




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