15 Trendy Plant Pots for a Lively Workplace and Tips to Style Them

In recent times, offices have evolved beyond just being a workplace. With more and more companies emphasising employee well-being, the workplace has evolved into a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One way to achieve this is by incorporating plant pots into the office. Working in a conventional office space can often feel monotonous and uninspiring. That's why many companies have started incorporating plants into their workspace to add a touch of liveliness.

The use of office plant pots or office planter boxes has rapidly become a trend in the corporate world, and for good reason. Today, they're a fusion of utility and style, adding a touch of sophistication and vibrancy to any workspace.


Let's look at the top 15 trending office pots for plants that will elevate your office's green quotient and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Glossy Blue Garden Pot 25cm:

Crafted from recycled plastics and concrete, this office desk planter boasts a striking high gloss blue finish, combining style with sustainability. It’s an eco-friendly, durable choice for indoors or outdoors, requiring almost no maintenance, and its vibrant hue makes a bold statement.

Styling Tip:
Pair this vibrant blue office plant pot with cascading greenery like artificial ferns or ivy for a striking contrast. It's perfect for minimalist desks or modern office spaces, adding a pop of colour and a touch of contemporary elegance. 


Cream and White Engraved Pot 17cm:

Handcrafted from recycled materials, this engraved office plant pot stands out with its intricate design while speaking volumes about sustainability. It’s durable, strong, and designed for longevity—ideal for both gardening enthusiasts and eco-conscious decorators.

Styling Tip:

Complement this intricately designed pot with colourful artificial succulents or small flowering plants. It's ideal for rustic-themed offices or as a centrepiece on communal tables, adding charm and personality.


Imitation Stone Grey Rectangle Planter 27cm:

This office planter is designed with a sustainability-first approach and exemplifies the durability of recycled materials. Its natural tones and engineered longevity make it a reliable choice for the environmentally conscious workspace.

Styling Tip:

Embrace a sleek, industrial look by arranging artificial cacti or snake plants in this office planter. It suits sleek, minimalist office settings, effortlessly blending modernity with a touch of nature.


Polished Black Planter Bowl 30cm:

This garden pot's sleek, natural black-tone polish, crafted from recycled plastics and concrete, embodies elegance and durability. It's a low-maintenance choice suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Styling Tip:

Balance the sleekness of this black bowl with vibrant, lush artificial plants like peace lilies or pothos. Its polished finish suits sophisticated, high-end office environments, adding a touch of elegance.


Hanging Grey Plastic Pot with Chain 30cm:

A hanging basket made from recycled materials, this artificial plant pot is environmentally friendly and a durable choice for indoor and outdoor spaces. Its natural-coloured design and versatility make it an appealing addition to any office.

Styling Tip:

Hang this pot with vibrant, trailing artificial plants like spider plants or trailing jade to add depth to your workspace. It's perfect for small spaces or areas needing a touch of greenery, like corners or by windows.


Rendered Grey Planter Pot 25cm:

With its unique hand-rendered design and being made from recycled materials, this office pot for artificial plants combines character with strength. Lightweight yet robust, it's a sustainable option for those seeking a distinct touch.

Styling Tip:

Highlight its unique character by showcasing colourful flowers or statement plants like a monstera. This pot works wonders in eclectic or artistic office spaces, becoming a conversation starter.


Polished Vintage White Planter Bowl 30cm:

Crafted with recycled materials and a stunning antique off-white finish, this office pot for artificial plants brings timeless elegance to any space. Its durability and low-maintenance nature make it a top choice for long-term office decor.

Styling Tip:

Bring a sense of timeless elegance by planting artificial herbs or small artificial leafy plants in this bowl. It suits traditional or vintage-themed offices, adding sophistication to desks or communal areas.


Cream and White Engraved Pot 14cm:

Smaller yet equally impactful, this hand-engraved pot, made from recycled materials, emphasises sustainability without compromising the design aspect. Its natural tones and intricate lines add charm to any workspace.

Styling Tip:

Elevate small spaces like shelves or side tables by planting artificial mini succulents or air plants in this charming pot. Its intricate design makes it a perfect accent piece in cosy corners or shared spaces.


Decorative Textured Round White Planter 47cm:

This stunning, textured white office planter, made from high-quality recycled materials, stands out with its robust, weather-resistant build. Its larger size is perfect for commercial spaces or grand office designs.

Styling Tip:

Create a statement by placing tall, leafy artificial plants or indoor trees in this textured planter. It's perfect for large, open office spaces or reception areas, adding grandeur and a touch of nature's grandeur.


Imitation Dark Stone Geometric (Square) Planter 30cm:

A modern geometric office plant pot with an imitation stone surface crafted from recycled materials speaks volumes about both style and sustainability. Its unique design and durability make it a favourite for impactful office decor.

Styling Tip:

Opt for bold, architectural artificial plants like aloe vera or snake plants to complement the geometric lines of this planter. It's an ideal fit for modern, minimalist offices seeking a touch of sophistication.


Imitation Stone (White / Cream) Pot 40cm:

With its substantial size and enduring design, this 40cm artificial plant pot offers a durable, low-maintenance option for office greenery. Its imitation stone finish adds a touch of sophistication.

Styling Tip:

Make a statement by placing tall, artificial flowering native grass in this sizable pot. It's great for spacious office corners or reception areas, exuding a sense of grandeur and elegance.


Imitation Stone Grey White Stone Rectangle Planter 50cm:

A longer, rectangular office planter boasting an imitation stone design, this durable option blends sustainability with style. Its size makes it suitable for larger office spaces or statement decor.

Styling Tip:

Embrace symmetry by planting symmetrical artificial plants like peace lilies or snake plants in this elongated planter. It's perfect for long office desks or corridors, adding a sleek, cohesive look.


Dark Grey Round Planter 47cm:

With its sturdy build and sizeable dimensions, this dark grey office planter provides a reliable, weather-resistant option for office greenery. Its timeless colour and durability ensure longevity.

Styling Tip:

Create a modern, cohesive look by planting a mix of artificial foliage plants of varying heights in this dark grey office planter. It suits contemporary office spaces or communal areas, offering a sleek, coordinated aesthetic.


Imitation Stone Concrete White Stone Rectangle Planter 50cm:

Another rectangular office planter with an imitation stone finish, this pot stands out with its sustainability and durability. Its larger size suits spacious office settings or grand design concepts.

Styling Tip:

Opt for a mix of artificial flowering plants and leafy greens to bring a vibrant touch to this rectangular planter. It suits spacious, modern offices, becoming a focal point in large meeting rooms or communal spaces.


Green & White Imitation Marble Pot 25cm:

Crafted to mimic the elegance of marble, this pot brings sophistication to any office space. Its size and durable build offer a stylish, lasting choice for greenery.

Styling Tip:

Highlight the elegance of this pot by planting colourful artificial flowering plants or delicate ferns. It's perfect for adding sophistication to executive desks or chic meeting spaces, exuding luxury and style.


Do Artificial Plants Look Tacky in Office Plant Pots

You must have often heard or asked this question: do artificial plants in office plant pots bring life or just tackiness to the table? It’s like asking if pizza is better with pineapple or without — it all comes down to personal taste. Sure, some artificial plants can scream "fake" from a mile away. The plastic shine or overly uniform leaves can give off that '90s sitcom vibe. But hold up, not all faux plants fall into the tacky category! 

These days, artificial plants have had quite a glow-up. High-quality materials and realistic designs have hit the scene. From artificial lush ferns to lifelike artificial succulents, you would need a magnifying glass to tell the difference between a real and an artificial plant. 

It’s all about how and where you use them. A few well-placed artificial plants in office planter boxes or plant pots can be the secret sauce to sprucing up an office, especially in spots where natural plants might struggle to survive. Plus, zero maintenance? That's a win-win situation in anyone's book. 

At the end of the day, it’s about balance and choosing quality. Tastefully done, artificial plants can blend seamlessly into your decor, bringing a touch of green without the fuss. So, if you’ve got a spot begging for some greenery and a schedule that's busier than a beehive, why not give artificial plants a chance? After all, a little faux foliage might just bring life to your space in ways you never imagined.


7 Benefits of Adding Office Plant Pots into Your Workspace


Office plant pots offer a budget-friendly solution to livening up your workspace. Forget expensive artwork or elaborate decor — a few strategically placed office plant pots can transform the ambience without breaking the bank. A touch of greenery is pleasing to the eye and easy on the company's expenses as well. 


The beauty of office pots for plants lies in their versatility. From sleek, modern designs to rustic, earthy vibes, there's an office planter for every office aesthetic. You can experiment with different sizes, shapes, and materials to match your workspace's unique style, making it easier to create a green atmosphere. 

Almost Zero Maintenance:

With office plant pots, maintenance is minimal. Most indoor plant pots require only occasional dusting and wiping. This gives them an edge over other office decor items, which often need high maintenance. 

Soothing Aesthetics:

The visual appeal of office plant pots cannot be overstated. They effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of any workspace, creating a more inviting and welcoming space. 

Improved Creativity:

Indoor plants have the potential to spark creativity in office spaces. Studies show that people surrounded by plants tend to be more innovative and work better in teams. So, introducing plant pots into the workspace can help stimulate creative thinking among employees. 

Fits Everywhere:

One of the beauties of office plant pots is their adaptability to any workspace. From sprawling reception areas to compact desk spaces, these pots come in sizes that fit seamlessly into any corner or surface, maximising space utility. 

Long-Lasting and Flexible:

A good-quality office plant pot can stand the test of time. Its durability ensures longevity, providing a lasting impact on your workspace. Moreover, their flexibility allows for easy repositioning, effortlessly accommodating changes in the office layout.


Why Natural Plants Are Not the Best Choice for Office?

While natural plants bring undeniable charm and freshness, they demand consistent care and maintenance. In an office setting, factors like limited sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and irregular watering schedules can make it challenging to keep natural plants thriving. This can lead to wilting, pest problems, and even mould growth, creating more stress than the relaxation they aim to provide.

Wrapping Up

There’s so much to gain from using office plant pots to spruce up your workspace. These small yet highly beneficial additions to any office space can go a long way in improving the overall work environment. With the right choice of office pots for artificial plants, you can easily create an inviting atmosphere that boosts productivity and encourages better communication among colleagues.

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