Bringing your first indoor plant can be quite overwhelming. There are thousands of indoor plant varieties to choose from, and if you're the one who's choosing it for the first time then the task can become daunting. Some plants require a lot of attention while some don't. If you're new to plant parenthood, then consider these options from Designer Vertical Gardens and make your step towards choosing your first plant for your home.


Tradescantia Zebrina

Place it in bright indirect light, water when the top inch of soil dries out, fertilize once a month (except in the winter), and try to keep it in a humid environment to keep this plant happy. Although it likes to be kept moist, it can survive a few missed waterings. Just keep an eye out for yellow leaves, which might indicate that you're overwatering.
Alternative: You can replace Tradescantia Zebrina with an Artificial Lavender Plant. A fake potted lavender will bring ultimate elegance and vibe to your space. 


One of the most forgiving houseplants is this trailing plant. It can withstand both low and high light levels, so you can place it almost anywhere in your house. Water it when the top inch or so of soil dries out for best results.
Alternative: Still confused about this Pothos, then without giving you a second thought, select the beautiful Artificial Olive Tree with Olives. You can never go wrong with this in your garden. This amazing tree will add Mediterranean vibes to your house.

Air Plants

Air plants are appealing because they can be shown in a variety of ways, including on stands, terrariums, and even in refrigerator magnets. They're also very low maintenance since they get most of their nutrients from the air. Simply soak them in a water bath every few weeks (shaking off any excess water) and mist in between.
Alternative: Well, you have an amazing alternative to this air plant. Consider this Artificial Flowering White and Orange Peace Lily from Designer Vertical Gardens to awestruck your visitors.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen plant, also known as the Silver Bay Aglaonema, has a lovely painted look to its leaves. It is a low-maintenance indoor plant. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings to help it thrive. It requires a little light and little water to survive.
Alternative: Looking for the alternative? Get your hand on Artificial Geranium Hanging Bush with Red Flowers, this will create a vibe you want to create to impress everyone around.

Red Aglaonema

This bright pink and green plant is as simple to care for as it is attractive. It can tolerate low light but more indirect light brings out the colors more. This beauty like to dry out between waterings, similar to the Chinese evergreen plant, and can tolerate the occasional missed watering.

Alternative: Looking for some other light color? Try the artificial Calla Lily Plant from Designers Vertical Gardens. Its elegant white flowers which are made up of real touch material won't let your guests guess that it's artificial. You can place it anywhere in your house due to its evergreen nature.

Can't take care of real plants? Don't worry! Visit our store online to get whatever you're looking for. Have them and enjoy seeing them forever.

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