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8 Best Artificial Plants You Should Buy in 2023

8 Best Artificial Plants You Should Buy in 2023 - Designer Vertical Gardens

Who doesn’t like to see greenery around themselves? Whether it’s cafes, backyards, food or drink establishments, or homes, the effortless greenery of artificial plants have made their way to all kinds of properties and spaces. Artificial plants available online are a win-win for time-poor plant enthusiasts in concrete jungles.

In the fast-paced modern times, it’s quite challenging to nurture and grow natural plants which is why the demand for fake plants in Australia is growing tremendously. Artificial plants are the easiest way to go about sprucing up your spaces.

Here’s a list of the 8 best artificial plants that you should buy in 2023 to uplift your spaces.

Money Plant

Characterised by their green and shiny heart-shaped leaves that come in golden, yellow, or green colours, money plants are a popular choice among interior designers and architects. They got their name thanks to their leaves that resemble coins.

Whether you want to hang the vines from your balconies or place them inside to beautify your interiors, money plants have an iconic design and texture that complement all kinds of decor. Purchasing artificial money plants online can help you create beautiful spaces with negligible maintenance.

artificial plants online

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are another ideal option of houseplants that can be used to fill up empty spaces in no time. Their shiny glossy leaves add instant appeal to your home. These plants are known for their beautiful foliage and the rich, waxy texture of their leaves. Another advantage of going ahead with rubber plants is that the leaves' rubbery texture makes it impossible to distinguish between natural and high-quality faux rubber plants.

Snake Plant

The snake plant's tall, slender leaves stand tall, making them an amazing addition to every space. Whether you wish to place them indoors, outdoors, or in the walkways, snake plants add some character to the space. Fake snake plants can look great in any corner of your home or office in Australia and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Citrus Tree

If you wish to add some colours that will make your decor pop and bring your spaces to life, artificial citrus trees are the perfect choice for you. While most ornamental plants have a neutral, tonal colour palette, artificial citrus trees make a poppy, fun addition to your spaces. With lively colours like bright yellow and popping orange, artificial citrus trees offer a refreshing take compared to the other decorative plants. These beautiful, lush, and colourful faux citrus trees usually work best as a standalone decoration.

Jade Plant

Jade plants are often associated with fortune and good luck, which is why they are called ‘lucky plants’ or ‘the fortune plant’. They are the money plants of the succulent family. Jade plants look stunning and can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the dull corners of your home or office.

Whether it’s your study area, the bedroom, the dining area or the living room, adding a Jade plant can bring your spaces to life. Their thick, richly coloured leaves can enhance the beauty of the nooks and corners of your home. Jade plants also make the perfect gift for weddings, housewarming parties and anniversaries.


The colour purple and violet have been associated with royalty and wealth for centuries. If you wish to add a touch of sophistication to your spaces, lavender is the best choice for you. Lavender plants offer an unmissable purple presence to any room or garden, creating a soothing, elegant setting. The ultra-realistic tall and gorgeous purple blooms add a new dimension of vibrance, bringing your spaces to life. Furthermore, if you add just a few sprays of lavender oil, nobody can tell the difference between natural and artificial lavender plants sold by leading suppliers online.

Peace Lily

Peace Lillies offer a breathtaking contrast of the dark green foliage and the creamy white flowers held up high on their stiff stems. The flowers get their names due to the white raised spathe appearing as if someone has lifted a white flag in surrender, seeking peace. Also, what most people think of as the flower is actually a specialised leaf bract that grows hooded over innumerable flowers at the end of each stem.

These lovely plants are one of the most classic houseplants as they illuminate the living spaces in moments. The pure white flowers of the artificial Peace Lillies make them an amazing addition to all kinds of spaces.


Eucalyptus is an evergreen gum tree renowned for its tall branches and symmetrical leaves. All thanks to their medicinal properties, fragrance and aesthetic appeal, Eucalyptus stems and leaves made their way into households decades ago. These versatile plants can be added to your spaces to bring nature indoors and add some warmth to your rooms. Whether you want to set it up in a vase or hang it off your balconies with artificial eucalyptus plants, you can do it all. The stems are easy to bend and shape to whatever arrangement you wish to make. Furthermore, you can also pair them up with other artificial flowers to create alluring arrangements.

Creating mesmerising spaces has never been easier. As one of the leading artificial plants suppliers, Designer Vertical Gardens hosts a wide variety of artificial flowers and plants that can help you add some greenery and vibrancy to your space. Set up gardens and green walls in no time without the hassle or stress of maintenance in the future. Our artificial plants sold online are created with UV-stabilised materials and are hand-crafted to botanical perfection, making it impossible to tell them apart.

Browse through our exclusive collection of ultra-realistic artificial greenery and bring your spaces to life.

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