Crafting Spaces Beyond Basic Greenery with Artificial Green Walls

Ever stroll into a room and feel like it’s got the personality of a damp sponge? Whether you're dealing with the fluorescent-lit monotony of an office or the cookie-cutter vibes of a living room, spaces can often feel as exciting as a tax audit. Although seemingly unconventional, artificial green walls are a game changer that you will be itching to incorporate into your spaces once you know what they can do.

Ready to turn those yawns into wows? Buckle up because we're about to add some serious greenery to your scene!

What You Are Missing Out on Without Artificial Green Walls

Sure, you could stick with the standard houseplant routine. Here's the thing: traditional plants are lovely, but they come with baggage. Wilting leaves, thirsty demands, and the occasional soil spill are all battles you might be tired of fighting. On the other hand, artificial green walls offer a low-maintenance solution that keeps the visual appeal without the constant need for a green thumb. No asking for light, no dramatic drooping, and definitely no soil explosions. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Intrigued?

Remember that annoying neighbour who always seems to have Pinterest-esque home decor? Well, with artificial green walls, you can finally one-up them. These walls offer a unique and eye-catching touch to any room, making it look like you hired a professional designer. And it's not just about bragging rights at home. Think about your office. Does the sterile environment leave you yearning for a breath of fresh air? Artificial green walls can transform your workspace from a bland box into a biophilic haven. Studies have shown that incorporating elements of nature in the office can boost employee morale, improve concentration, and even enhance creativity. Suddenly, that long staff meeting doesn't seem so soul-crushing, does it?

Hooked yet? We're just scratching the surface.

Getting Your Space a Much-Needed Green Boost

Now that we have your attention, let’s get into why artificial green walls are the game-changers your spaces have been crying out for. It’s time to get down to business. Whether it’s giving your commercial area a touch of sophistication or making your house more inviting, these lush, zero-maintenance marvels transform any environment into a feast for the eyes.

Taking Your Commercial Space for a Spin

Artificial green walls can revolutionise your commercial spaces, adding aesthetic value and an aura of professionalism and calm. Here are some exciting ways you can use them:

Office Lobby:

First impressions, they say, are everything. And nothing says “we mean business” quite like a Luxury Country Fern Artificial Vertical Garden greeting your clients as they walk through the door. The lobby is the first and last thing people see; make it unforgettable.

Luxury Country Fern Artificial Vertical Garden

Pair this with chic modern furniture, and watch as your space goes from meh to mesmerising.

Meeting Rooms/Cabins:

Let’s face it: meetings can be dull, but your cabins don’t have to be. Spice things up with a Luxury Green Sensation Artificial Vertical Garden.

This adds colour and acts as a natural divider, creating separate areas in multi-purpose rooms. Who knew brainstorming could be this refreshing?

Retail Spaces:

Shopping should feel like an adventure, not a chore. Install a Luxury Flowering Red Anthurium Mixed Foliage Vertical Garden behind your checkout counter or along the aisles.

Luxury Flowering Red Anthurium Mixed Foliage Vertical Garden

Customers will find themselves drawn to the lush surroundings, making their shopping experience enjoyable and memorable. Talk about a win-win!

Restaurants and Cafés:

Ambience is key when it comes to dining out. A carefully placed English Boxwood Artificial Hedge Panel Green Wall can provide privacy between tables, creating intimate dining nooks. For a more exotic atmosphere, consider a Jungle Fern Artificial Vertical Garden.

Jungle Fern Artificial Vertical Garden

It’s all about setting the mood!

Make Your House More Inviting

Home is where the heart is, and what better way to show some love than by jazzing up your living spaces with artificial green walls? Here’s how you can bring the outdoors in without any fuss.

Living Room:

Your living room wall has seen better days. Why not give it a facelift with a White Grassy Sensation Artificial Vertical Garden? Position it behind your couch or above your TV, and instantly transform your space into an indoor garden that requires zero watering.

White Grassy Sensation Artificial Vertical Garden

Imagine the compliments from guests as they marvel at your stylish new addition.


Tired of that same old paint job above your bed? Time to upgrade with a Luxury White Lily Artificial Vertical Garden. This isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a statement. Consider it your new headboard—minus the splinters and assembly instructions. Drift off to sleep surrounded by lilies that never wilt. Sweet dreams, indeed.


The kitchen—the land of pots, pans, and probably a few burnt meals. Spice things up with a Fresh Natural Green Artificial Moss Vertical Garden. Place it near your breakfast nook or above the sink to add a dash of “gourmet” to your cooking space. It’s like having a herb garden minus the dirt and disappointment. Your kitchen just got a stylish upgrade.


Bathrooms can be pretty dull, right? Not anymore! Place a Luxury Evergreen Rainforest Recycled Vertical Garden beside your shower or over the tub.

Luxury Evergreen Rainforest Recycled Vertical Garden

You’ll feel like you’re in a luxury spa every time you step in. Plus, no mould, no mildew—just endless greenery. It’s like a Zen garden but without the upkeep.

Patio or Balcony:

Does your patio or balcony need a personality boost? Fix that with a Luxury Green Sensation Artificial Vertical Garden. It gives your balcony just what it needs—character. No more dull concrete or bare walls.

Luxury Green Sensation Artificial Vertical Garden

Extend it, adjust it, love it. Perfect for morning coffee, evening wine, or just enjoying some fresh air. Instant privacy, endless vibes.

Tips and Tricks for Decorating with Artificial Green Walls

Seems like you’re pretty sold on the idea of bringing the vision of nature indoors without the upkeep. Artificial green walls are a fantastic way to create a lush, vibrant space without worrying about watering schedules or sunlight requirements.

  • Choose Prime Locations: First things first, location is everything. Think beyond the obvious living room. Hallways, bathrooms, and even bedrooms can benefit from a splash of greenery. Got a dull corner that's giving you the side-eye every morning? Perfect! This is where your green wall will truly shine.
  • Light it Right: While your greenery doesn’t need sunlight, proper lighting can make a world of difference. Highlight your green wall with LED spotlights or string lights to create a visually striking effect. It's the VIP treatment your wall deserves, and you'll thank yourself every time you catch a glimpse.
  • Frame it Like You Mean It: Think of your green wall as a piece of art that mingles with the rest of your decor. Framing it can give it a polished, intentional look. Use wooden or metal frames to complement your existing décor. This technique works especially well in minimalist spaces, adding just the right amount of interest without overwhelming the room.
  • Add Your Personal Flair: Incorporate personal elements to make the green wall uniquely yours. Hang small decorative items like lanterns, picture frames, or even quirky little sculptures within the foliage. This personalises your space and adds layers of interest that guests will love exploring.
  • Go Big or Go Small: Whether you have a humble abode or a palatial estate, the size of your green wall can be adjusted to fit. A large installation can become a focal point, while smaller sections can add charm to compact spaces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes to find what suits your space best.

There you have it, the basics of creating your very own green wall. Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty and let your creativity flow.

The Wrap-Up

Let's bring it all together, shall we? The only dilemma you may face with a green wall is figuring out where to stop. So go ahead, think outside the box and add some greenery into your life with a beautiful green wall.

And when you're ready to take the next step, turn to Designer Vertical Gardens and get your hands on our high-quality, easy-to-install green walls. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the perfect size and design to installation. So why wait? Visit our online store and get on with the makeover of your space today.

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