Decorate Your Space With the 10 Best Artificial Plants for 2023

Adding greenery to your home, whether artificial or natural, can make your living room, kitchen, and other rooms come together and look beautiful. It gives a pleasant ambience and creates lasting impressions on guests as well.

Regularly watering, soiling, fertilising and maintaining natural plants is tough in Australia’s fast life. Instead, opting for artificial plants is a wise choice. These natural-looking faux plants can help you decorate your home or office, depending on your desired type and theme. If you are in a dilemma about why and what types of artificial plants will suit your space in Australia, this article will guide you better.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Plants?

People no longer place plants only in their gardens now. Adding real greenery to the interiors of your home or workspace is in trend. It is one of the easiest ways to make a room feel more intimate and vibrant; therefore, plants have become essential in enhancing the décor. Nothing beats having green plants if you think you can care for actual plants and give them enough light at home.

Despite people wanting live plants more than ever, if you don't have time to take care of them, choosing artificial plants is a perfect way to make your home look brighter.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Artificial Plants

There are many things to consider before buying artificial plants. Some of them are:

  • How huge do you want your plants to be? A jungle monster or a modest one that stays in a bowl.
  • What kind of style do you want?
  • Should the plant's petals have realistic colours and patterns?
  • Should the leaves be perfectly aligned?

How to Choose Appropriate Artificial Plants

The sky's the limit when choosing faux green plants. Since people make them, you can get them in any size you want. But it is essential to remember that small artificial plants can be dangerous for babies and pets if swallowed. At the same time, the vast artificial plants will need more space to look at. Decide whether you want a large one to fill a corner of your living room or a smaller one for a short window ledge to decorate.

Most artificial plants come between 80 and 120 cm to brighten up the more significant corner. And they are available in small plastic containers, so you can decorate them with a giant ceramic or bricks jar that fits your space.

If you want a relatively small plant for racks or window frames, tiny cacti or snake plants with a smaller size are good choices. Some preferred choices include fiddle leaf figs, lotus leaves, air plants, banana trees, snake plants, artificial olive trees, artificial palm trees, artificial flower baskets, and house plants. So, finding the suitable one is easy, and let’s look at their details.

artificial trees and plants installed at balcony

12 Best Artificial Plants Of 2023

1. Artificial Fiddle Leaf Figs

If you have a pet that likes to nibble on indoor plants, then buying artificial fiddle leaf figs is a great choice. Since the real ficus has calcium oxalate crystals in its nectar, it can cause discomfort in the pet’s mouth, throat, and digestive system, along with vomiting. The plant sap can also irritate the skin if it is not covered and can form scratches on the floors and furniture. So, going for an artificial tree can solve this problem.

2. Artificial Eucalyptus Potted Plant

This artificial herb plant in a bowl is self-contained and easy to clean, making it an excellent addition to any bathroom. With a small diameter and lighter weight, this tiny plant won't feel massive and can be set on racks, larger window frames, or even hung from the shower rail. You can place the trail of leaves in any way you like. Since the leaves look like plant material, you could match your bathroom products to the plant to make it look even more real.

3. Artificial Snake Plant

This tall artificial snake plant looks great on any side table or dining table, thanks to its simple coloured bowl. Its leaves stick out horizontally and are covered with a delicate and diverse herbal pattern. This particular attention to detail is a factor that makes this plant look so real. But it is essential to keep cleaning these leaves to make them look nice.

4. Artificial Monstera

Known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, this giant artificial plant won’t disappoint you for a larger space like a balcony or any nook in your room. The leaves of these monsters tend to be a little shiny, unlike the real ones, making them stand out from the rest. This artificial monster will add a spicy green colour to any room; when the sun shines, making beautiful shadows. Available in different sizes, the roots of these plants are well-connected, so you can bend them into any shape you want.

5. Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stem

An artificial silver dollar eucalyptus stem comes with round leaves that are silver-white grey/green. Carrying beauty on its own, this plant is a perfect filler for flower arrangements or to add more natural beauty to your home decor, especially for small spaces.

6. Faux Air Plants

These artificial air plants look so good no one will know the difference. Even the "crystal-like" look of the leaves and the roots on the shaft make it hard to tell that these are artificial plants, not real ones. The greens, reds, and whites on the plants are shaded like their real-life peers.

7. Artificial Banana Tree

Since the artificial banana tree looks like the real one, it would be difficult to distinguish between the original and the fake one. Considered an auspicious tree in Asian cultures, the faux banana tree will bring a sense of home environment to those Asians living in foreign lands. You can place it in your drawing room near the window - giving a positive vibe when the sun shines on its leaves from the window.

8. Artificial Hanging Flowers Baskets

You can hang artificial flowers in baskets on the balcony of your house or near the stairs to enhance your space's beauty. You can easily buy artificial flowers from nearby markets or online. And you can design your basket or buy them from the market.

9. Artificial Bamboo Trees

The giant artificial bamboo plant will make any room in your house look better and make an eye-catching showcase. Its leaves are usually made of a soft variety of eco-friendly and efficient fabrics.

10. Artificial Olive Trees

An artificial olive tree will look just like a real one, giving your home or office a fresh, green look. Made of recyclable materials, this faux plant is perfect for filling empty spaces in your house with a slight style and moderate appearance.

Are Artificial Plants Worth Buying?

Even though real plants aren't too hard to maintain, they need care and love. There is no actual substitute for natural plants as they add natural beauty to your house décor and provide fresh oxygen and many more health benefits. But these plants also demand time, and if you lack sufficient time to look after them, your home decoration looks dull.

While with artificial plants, you'll never have to wet them in water for the right amount of time, nor do you have to strike the right balance between getting enough and too much sun. Plus, they are easy and cheap to use—no wonder these fake plants will become increasingly popular in 2023.

Designer Vertical Garden is at your service if you are looking for stunning fake green plants that replicate nature in Australia. As a leading artificial plant supplier in Australia, we offer indoor and outdoor artificial green walls, artificial hedges and plants that are long-lasting and life-like. Made with RealTex materials, our faux plants instantly create a space you'll love to look at.

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