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Five Small Reasons Why You Should Have An Artificial Vertical

Five Small Reasons Why You Should Have An Artificial Vertical - Designer Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are not only spectacularly beautiful, but they are also helpful in enlivening the ambiance in any space. You may be wondering, why trust us? Well we are the leaders in the industry and have come up with five reasons as to why you should have an artificial vertical garden. They are typically made from plastic; these new vertical garden designs arise to keep ‘non-green thumbs’ happy.

1.    The first benefit of having an artificial garden is that you do not have to water your plants, nor worry about giving them too much care, or worry about your beloved plants from wilting. They are extremely low maintenance in the sense you do not need to worry about fertilisers, or the unwanted insects and snails. As the plants are artificial they do not grow, so there is no concern that they will overgrow.

2.    Another benefit is that your artificial gardens are designed to last, which also means that you can admire your plants all year round. They are sometimes deemed as better than the real thing in the sense they will always make the area aesthetically pleasing, and remain consistent in their appearance.

Vertical Gardens

3.    Having a vertical artificial garden also means that you can maximise the space, or create a garden where you did not think it was possible, for example in an urban area with limited garden space. This is why you should consider them, because each design can be easily adjusted to fit in any space. At Designer Vertical Gardens, we supply the highest quality artificial gardens, hedge panels, green walls and fake ivy. If you order an artificial hedge, for instance, you can cut to the shape or size of your space with ease, there are also hooks and edges that can be used to fix your artificial green wall.

4.    An artificial vertical garden will enhance the visual appeal, to any room, or outdoor space. They will improve the beauty of your garden by adding character, variety, structure, and colour. Some vertical structures like arbors, arches, pergolas, and gazebos will help to create the aesthetic of an outdoor garden room. A vertical garden structure will help bring a room to life, with your unique style and design.

5.    Finally, artificial vertical gardens are easy to set up and they are durable. The only maintenance that is required is keeping them clean, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth if they do get dusty. They also provide a consistency of coverage that you cannot obtain with natural plants. They can be installed just about anywhere, they do not require UV lighting, so you do not need to worry about installing them in a place that receives too much or too little lighting.


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