How To Beautify Your Backyard

The beauty of your backyard depends on how well you have planned it and the types of features you have used in the installations. Many people also like to install hedges along the periphery of their backyard. These features improve the privacy levels on their property.

Install Boxwood Panels

While all of these are essential features and installations, the upfront and ongoing costs can be quite high. Also, living plants need constant attention and care, without which they will perish. Most people lead hectic lives, and while they like the idea of having greenery in their yard, all these other aspects are very real deterrents to installing plants and hedges.

The best way to beautify your backyard without too much effort, hassle, and within the shortest possible time, is to include Designer Vertical Gardens’ boxwood panels in the design. These panels are dense, green, and natural-looking and made using high-quality UV-resistant plastics. In addition to the other features that you install, these will lend beauty and a fresh look to your backyard, quickly. 

Benefits of Boxwood Panels

  • DIY & Easy to install- Just hang/screw the panels onto the fences. All you need are some screws and ties to hold the panels in place.
  • Instant Yard Privacy Solution- The panels are a quick and instant way to improve privacy and screening in the backyard. If you have a chain-link fence and now feel the need to add some privacy, install these boxwood panels along the length of the fence in your yard and get the private oasis you need- instantly!
  • Natural Green Look- Boxwood panels are a great way to add an elegant and neat look to your yard spaces. All the leaves will stay in place and create a seamless look on your property.
  • No Maintenance- When you have natural plants and hedges, they lend freshness to the space, but maintaining them can be quite a chore. You need to water, fertilize and trim and prune them regularly to ensure they stay looking great right around the year. But that isn't the case with our boxwood panels, and you only need to hose them down once in a while to keep them looking fresh and green.
  • No Worrying about Dropping Leaves- All plantings, including hedges, shed leaves at different times of the year, as well as in stormy weather, and they create a mess in the yard. But when you get boxwood panels installed, you never have to worry about this aspect, and you will have leaf-free pools, paved areas, pathways, and walkways.
  • No Fading- Thee boxwood panels are made of high-grade, UV-resistant plastics, and they will retain their green look for many years.
  • No Ongoing Costs- Maintaining natural plants and hedges is not just time-consuming. It’s also an ongoing expense that you have to factor into the costs of having these features. But with boxwood panels, there are absolutely no maintenance costs, which reduces the cost of ownership for you.
artificial vertical garden

As you can see, beautifying your yard can be straightforward and quick with our boxwood panels. They are perfect for enclosing the entire yard or even portions of it, like the pools cape. You can also install them to create boundaries within the yard if you like.

For any other information about our boxwood panels, feel free to contact Designer Vertical Gardens through these numbers- 03 8400 4505 or 1800 960 565 or our online form.

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