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How to Use Portable Artificial Flower Walls

How to Use Portable Artificial Flower Walls - Designer Vertical Gardens

Artificial flower walls are excellent for adding aesthetic value to any space permanently or for an one-off event. Whether you use portable fake flower walls for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday party or want to install one to make your home or commercial space more beautiful, you’d be happy to know that these artificial flower walls are easy to install.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to portable artificial flower walls. You can create a beautiful backdrop using any one or several methods. Commonly, people will attach artificial flower walls to event stands, or alternatively affix them to a wall behind a spot where people may wish to take photos or present.

How to choose a flower wall colour:

There are some general rules when it comes to choosing a flower wall panel colour. The first is to choose something which blends with your theme. White flower walls are commonly used for weddings and neutral events (product launches, openings, and 21st parties). Pinks and purples are commonly recommended for events such as a young child’s birthday, themed events & fairy parties. Red is commonly used for romantic or adult themed events such as valentines day. Whilst blue is commonly used for a boy’s birthday party.

Assembling Artificial Flower Walls:

Once you have chosen your long period. Place the artificial flower wall panels side by side on the floor and attach the panels using the clips and lugs of the two panels and then secure with cable ties.

If you’d like assistance with assembling, installing or simply getting advice on best designs for your space, get in touch with us!

Creating a Portable Flower Wall:

You should first invest in a quality portable flower wall stand for your DIY artificial flower wall installation. Among the various stands available in the market, you should choose one with wheels as it provides better portability and ease of use. It will be more convenient to move your flower wall during and after the event. You can also use the stand for installing a green wall, boxwood hedge tiles, and fake greenery.

You can simply use cable ties to attach the flower wall to the stand. You can also use double-sided ultra sticky tapes if you want to attach the green wall, artificial hedge panels, or fake turf for a short duration.

Everything You Need to Set Up a Beautiful and Functional Flower Wall:

You can use the artificial flower wall for bridal shower backdrops, wedding flower decorations, and baby’s nursery décor and create a vibrant and cheerful ambience. To instantly give your space an aesthetically pleasing look, all you need is flower walls or green walls of your choice, a stand, and cable ties or double-sided ultra sticky tapes. You can set up your flower wall with these essential items in no time.

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