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Event Stand / Portable Green Wall or Vertical Garden Frame 2m High x 1m Wide

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Estimated delivery between July 15 and July 18.

Portable flower wall stand for green walls

This light-weight portable green wall stand comes in a lovely black colour, and can have wheels attached to it, allowing for easy moving and relocation.

The 2m high stand (+wheels) is the perfect solution for creating portable green walls, boxwood hedge tiles, flower walls or fake greenery.

You simply purchase the quality flower wall stand, order your desired green wall panels and then cable tie them onto the stand. The stand is designed for 2 1m x 1m green wall panels, wheel span is 40cm and they are attached in less than 10 minutes.

Key Features

  • Portable Design: Designed for ease of transport and setup, our Event Stand Portable Green Wall features a lightweight yet durable frame that can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled in minutes. Whether you're moving from venue to venue or setting up temporary displays, this portable green wall frame offers unmatched convenience and flexibility.
  • Customizable Layout: With its modular design, the Event Stand allows you to customize the layout and configuration of your green wall to suit your specific needs. Add or remove panels, adjust the height and width, or combine multiple frames to create larger displays - the possibilities are endless, allowing you to create truly unique and captivating green installations.
  • Versatile Use: Whether used as a standalone feature or integrated into larger event décor schemes, the Event Stand Portable Green Wall adds a touch of natural beauty and sophistication to any occasion. Use it as a backdrop for photo booths, stage decorations, or product displays, or incorporate it into themed environments for added impact.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, including sturdy aluminum frame and weather-resistant panels, our Event Stand is built to withstand the rigors of event use. Whether indoors or outdoors, this portable green wall frame maintains its structural integrity and visual appeal, providing long-lasting enjoyment for countless occasions.
  • Endless Possibilities: From corporate events and trade shows to weddings and private parties, the Event Stand Portable Green Wall offers endless possibilities for enhancing your event décor. Create lush botanical backdrops, define event spaces, or simply add a touch of greenery to elevate the ambiance - the choice is yours.


  • Effortless upkeep: Unlike their real counterparts, artificial plants require minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort.
  • Enduring vibrancy: Enjoy the long-lasting beauty of our artificial Philodendron, which will retain its lifelike appearance for years to come.
  • Unwavering safety: Perfect for pet owners and families with young children, our artificial plants eliminate the risk of harmful toxins or allergens.


Uses for portable green wall and flower wall stands

  • Perfect for use as a flower wall stand
  • Great for events, conference of functions where you wish to have a decorative & attractive wall behind you
  • Office partitions / desk dividers
  • Brand activation

Please note the stand comes with wheels, but you will need to order the greenery separately, allowing you to choose the perfect design.

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