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Level Up Your Home with Living Wall Design

Level Up Your Home with Living Wall Design - Designer Vertical Gardens

Living in the same house for years? Chances are it hasn’t changed much. If so, you’re like nearly 50% of other homeowners who haven’t done changes in recent years. The fact is, it is not easy to part ways to decors & design that made us feel at home. But did you know that having the right design tips, you can level up your home in an easy way?  - No green thumb needed!

artificial green wall in living room

The best way to level up your home is by having a living wall. You‘ve seen such design in hotels, corporate offices, airports and possibly café & restaurants. The living walls, also called Green walls or vertical garden design have become increasingly popular these days. Most of the green walls we can see indoors are an artificial green wall but still provide the same vibes- naturally relaxes our mind & body.

If you’re planning to have one here’s some tips you can rely on:


First things first! Determine the location where you wanted to build your living wall. In Sydney, the artificial green wall is more popular indoors. This is to provide an accent within their home, providing an eco-friendly ambiance. While others choose to have it installed outdoor mixed with their vertically designed garden.

artificial green wall

 Other homeowners rather have outdoor artificial green walls in their terrace with their coffee table where they can work or simply relax.


Designing your living wall makes it more special when you add your flavor to it.  You can either make it subtle yet sophisticated & relaxing, or flamboyant but eco-friendly. Design is limitless!

artificial green wall

You can also contact the nearest green wall suppliers to provide a list of varying designs and extremely realistic in appearance. They can assist you in designing an aesthetic look of your home and have an artificial green wall installation to make sure that you’re living wall complements your home, rather than look completely out of place.


There are variants of plants you can choose from in your living wall. Make sure your plants will reflect the tone and feel of the wall’s location. The best way to design your wall is by having plants with similar sun & water requirements. This will help you to maintain your green wall easier and less hands-on care.

vertical garden design

  • Create a lush look texture with ferns (Staghorn fern, Maidenhair, Sword Fern, Rabbit’s foot)
  • Use vines for natural shade (Pothos, English Ivy, Rosary Ivy, String of Pearls)
  • Incorporate pops of color with flowers (Peace Lily, Begonia Geranium, Lavender)
  • Low maintenance / Succulents (Stonecrop, Hend and Chicks, Dudleya, Jade Plant)
  • Artificial living wall (Artificial Succulents, Fake Ivy, Green Wall Disc)

Once you settled on your living wall, you only need to add little things to evoke your love for home décor. Be sure you go for one that elegantly redefines your space while focusing on comfort and practicality as well. You may want to repaint the old décor that will supplement your living wall. 

artificial vertical garden in living room

You refresh things like your wardrobe quite often. Why not start refreshing your home in small ways that can make a big difference?

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